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The Best Czech beers

Updated on August 28, 2011

Promised land - Prague

Last month I've had the trip of my life. We were in the Czech Republic capital Prague (Praha). The city is beautiful, citizens are so polite and they will patiently fight with their english for few minutes just to tell you where something is. Prices are so cheap, and beer, beer is so good that it surely deserves a hub!


I'll start this from the beer I've drunk the most. Krusovice is a wonderful beer served in the pub where we spent a lot of our time. As I've noticed, it's lighter than other beers. It tastes really good, maybe 2nd on my Czech beers list. Pleasant waitress has brought us liters and liters of that beer. :) It's a cheap beer, in local pubs, away from the city centre you can get half liter for about 23 koruns. Only disadvantage is: if you want to get drunk you will have really hard time with this one, don't know why.

Keep in mind that 1 dollar is about 18 Czech koruny, and 1 euro is about 24 koruny.


Gambrinus is served in most of the pubs near our hotel. From what I have seen it is the cheapest beer in Czech. The cheapest one we've drunk is only 18 koruny. It doesn't taste as Krusovice but it really represents the value of money. Gambrinus did something Krusovice could not - it got us drunk, and I am grateful for that. :)


I've drunk Hubertus only once and it was enough for me. Later I've found out it was Austrian beer so it saved the day, it's really bad compared to Czech beer and if you ever see it in Prague don't drink it.


In my country, if you are lucky, you can only buy Staropramen and Budweiser Budvar. Staropramen is somewhere in the middle of all beers in Czech. It isn't the most expensive, but it isn't the cheapest. It isn't the nicest but it isn't the baddest either. Someone said that Staropramen is the beer that Czech citizens drink. From what I have seen that title should go to Gambrinus.

Budweiser Budvar

I didn't have chance to drink it more, and I'm not sure about my opinion because, how should I put this, I wasn't really able to distinguish much in my "condition". But from what I have distinguished Budweiser is similar to Gambrinus and I don't know how much we have paid for it. (again, it is because of my condition:)

Pilsner Urquell

I've saved best for last. Pilsner Urquell is the real king of the beers. It is the most expensive one and I can't complain. In my whole life I've never tasted beer that good. It is just impossible to explain how come a beer can be that nice. Well, I would like to award this beer with a lot of empty words but it doesn't deserve that.

Keep in mind that I'm no expert and I didn't have the chance to drink all the beers in Prague. This list is based only on my opinion as a devoted drinker.

Comments and impressions are welcomed!


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    • profile image

      AM.CZ 3 years ago

      hmmm I think that the best beer is Svijany... Gambrinus and Urquel are loosing their authenticity (cheeper ingredients=cheeper taste)... well that's what i buy for my parties anyways...

    • tastiger04 profile image

      tastiger04 4 years ago

      I love all these beers, especially Gambrinus....but, I am also Czech :) Great page! It's good to get the word out on these beers :) voted up