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Best Kettle Guide

Updated on February 8, 2020
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I am a DIY person who have completed many home projects with basic common sense and help from Google.

The Kettle Guide
The Kettle Guide

Not every Pot is a Kettle, But Every Kettle can be pots

What is a Kettle?

Oh the sweet sound of that whistling kettle signalling when the water has reached to full boil. Then you know it is time to make that great cup of coffee or tea. A Kettle, also referred to as tea kettle is a type of pot which is specialized for boiling water. This boiled water is not specific to just making tea of course, you can do whatever you want with the water from your kettle. A tea kettle is made with specialized physical attributes which allows the pouring of liquid to be executed perfectly. The kettle is equipped with spout, handle and lid.

What is a Tea Pot

Who knew that this middle man existed? The tea pot is different than the kettle as it is used to house the hot water which is boiled in the kettle. A tea pot may have in tea leaves or coffer. The hot water from the kettle is then poured inside the tea pot which is then used to serve the beverage. Most teapots usually have a longer thinner spout than kettles and are mode of ceramic, glass rather than plastic or metal. Please note that teapots are not to e placed on the stove.

What Is a Pot?

A pot is often referred to a metal or clay container equipped with handle or handles, lid and is usually made deep to contain foods being cooked. Some clay pots are also used to house plants as well as to store water. Pots come in a variety of shape and sizes. You can have from very large pots to tiny post used by the ant people. Ok, the ant people do not exist. But if they did they would use very tiny pots.

Two Types Of Kettle

Electrical / Electric Kettle

  • The electric kettle as the name implies uses the power of electricity to boil water. This is the most common type of kettle and is used to mainly boil water for tea or coffee consumption. Electric kettles can be found in billions of homes and offices worldwide. This kettle is the safest and easiest of the two main types of kettle as the electric kettle is operation is plug and play, literally. All you need to do to create hot water is plug the kettle in a working electrical outlet and listen for the whistle. Unlike the stove top kettle where you may have to use some kind of device to light the stove, lighter, match etc. No naked flame is involved with the electrical kettle.

Stove Top Kettle

  • The older and more traditional type of kettle. The stove top kettle has been around for quite some times. The stove top kettle water is heated by the placing the kettle filled with water on a lit gas or electric stove. This kettle is the more robust of the two main types as they can be used outdoors on wood fires. This kettle is usually made from much more durable or tougher material than the electric kettle. The stove top kettle is usually made from stainless steel, copper or cast iron. The stove top kettle is also predominantly used to make boil water for coffee or tea consumption.

Teapot with matching Cup
Teapot with matching Cup

What Can Be Cooked on a Kettle besides Water for Tea Or coffee?

A kettle is not simply limited to creating coffee or tea. The stove top kettle as an advantage over the electrical kettle because it can be used to create small meals. You meal of course may depend on the dimensions of kettle. Here are a few things you can cook with the kettle:

  • Rice
  • Soup
  • Oatmeal
  • Boiled Eggs
  • Porridge

Kettle Styles

There are various styles of kettles available for your liking. You can choose from the type of kettle such as electrical or stove top. You can choose the material the type of kettle is made from. Especially when it comes on to electrical kettles, you can choose various materials the kettle is made of. You can choose to purchase a glass kettle, plastic kettle or even a ceramic kettle. There are many people who have acquired ceramic electrical kettles for their elegant appeal. For the fancy Kitchener, the ceramic kettle gives an elegant addition to your counter-top. Especially if that counter-top is made of beautiful granite. The benefit of most ceramic kettle also is that it comes with a detachable base which makes it great for serving. That detachable base is the electrical section of the kettle used to heat the water.

What To Look For When Buying an electric Kettle

Cord Length

I have seen a couple electric kettle that have cord lengths so short that it needs its own portable socket. Ensure that your kettle has comfortable cord length of about 3.28 feet.

Strong Power Buttons.

Not all power on and off buttons are equal. There are some kettles built with some very flimsy power buttons in which after a couple of clicks or flicks will become useless and then there goes the use of your kettle. Feel the power button if possible by giving it a few presses. You are feeling for sturdiness.


Most electric kettles are made from plastic or glass. Ensure that the kettle has no cracks or chips before walking out the store.

Electric Kettle
Electric Kettle

Kettle Maintenance

If you plan on keeping your kettle around for a couple of years. You need to do a few simple maintenance on it. Kettle will have hard water build up because water most times is often left inside kettles after use. Unused kettle water can sit in a kettle from anywhere from a couple of hours to days or even weeks. This may cause lime and calcium build up. So your best option is to have the kettle cleaned periodically with common vinegar. Here is how.

Steps for cleaning Kettle

  1. Fill the kettle up to half or three-quarters level with equal parts of water and white vinegar.
  2. Bring the solution to a boil.
  3. Turn off the kettle and remove its power cord plug from the wall outlet.
  4. Let the vinegar-water mix sit in the kettle for 15-20 minutes.
  5. The vinegar will desolve the lime buildup.
  6. Pour out the vinegar water
  7. wash inside of the kettle with dish-washing liquid.
  8. All inside of the kettle to dry.

Electric Vs Stove Top kettle Durability

when it comes on to durability, there is no doubt that the stove top kettle wins this hands down. Reason being is that the stove top kettle is a basic pot and is made of much durable material than an electric kettle. The stove top has no electrical parts which is prone to failure such as cords and switches. Most stove top kettles can handle a drop easily. But beware that if a electrical kettle falls you may by online that same day doing some kettle shopping.

© 2020 Clive Williams


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