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Best Tools for Baking Professional Looking Pies

Updated on November 16, 2010
best tools for pie making,
best tools for pie making, | Source

You really do not need fancy and expensive tools to make your average fruit pie, but there are many accessories that can really prove helpful in your pie making experience. If your goal is to make a pie that looks like it just came out of a pastry shop, you may then need some special tools for special effects, however, some of the best tasting pies are often recipes that come from our grandmas which back in time were using very basic tools and loads of imagination. 

The Top Pie Making Tools

We live in a consumer world where we appreciate using tools that make our lives easier. Of course, such conveniences revolve also around the art of cooking. When it comes to pie making, there are a plethora of tools to choose from, some are quite basic while others are quite sophisticated. It is totally up to you to decide which tools you will absolutely need and which you can live without. 

• Rolling Pin

How easy it is to roll out the dough with a rolling pin! Most of us are so used to using a rolling pin that we cannot imagine our life without one. Indeed, just every kitchen has a rolling pin hiding somewhere in the kitchen. Rolling pins make rolling out pie dough a breeze. They effectively help  flatten out even the most stubborn doughs and have been for years stereotyped as a typical weapon of angry housewives!

•Pie Crust Shields

Not everybody knows what a pie crust shield is made for. Basically, a pie crust shield is typically placed on top of the pie to protect the pie crust from burning. The pie crust shield also helps the pie rise evenly preventing spillage.  Many are now made of silicone which withstands high temperatures and makes a better option than aluminum foil.

• Pie Weights

if you must pre-bake your pie shell, you may find that it tends to rise while baking and air pockets tend to form. To prevent this from happening, pie weights are used under the form of heavy beads so the pie shell stays down while cooking. Some pie weights come under the form of chains so they stay even and are easy to remove. 

• Pie Dish

Of course, to make a pie you need a pie dish. The most versatile pie dishes are those that can go from the freezer, to the oven and up to the table. Some are also microwave and dish washer safe. Some pie dishes come with a lid, so once you bake your pie you can protect it from flies, dust and keep it fresh.

• Lattice Pastry Cutter

Ever wondered how the pros make those great looking lattice pie tops? It really can be done easily at home if you have the right tools. Look for a lattice pastry cutter and making your pie look professionally made will be a breeze. All you need to do is move the cutter over your rolled out dough. Pie top cutters work in a similar way.

• Pastry Mat

If you are making your pie crust dough from scratch, you need to figure out if the rolled out dough  is the size intended for its baking dish. You can easily accomplish this with a pastry mat featuring different measures. The non stick surface helps determine the right size without needing any flour. 

• Pie Server

It takes a nice looking pie server to complete your pie cooking tools. There are different pie servers on the market today in different colors, materials and shapes. Using a pie server will add a professional looking touch when you serve your pie slices while ensuring a safe delivery to the plate. Some pie servers are also good to be used as pie slicers as well.

These are only a few of the many items you may need to bake that perfect pie. Other helpful tools are utensils to help sift the flour, mixing bowls, mixing spoons, measuring cups, bowl scrapers, bench knives, pastry blenders and last but not least a nice cook book featuring the best recipes for favorite pies.


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    • Darlene Sabella profile image

      Darlene Sabella 

      8 years ago from Hello, my name is Toast and Jam, I live in the forest with my dog named Sam ...

      OH MY Frind I am a great cook, however I am a terrible baker...but you make me what to try. This is an excellent hub and I really love it. Keep them coming, thumbs up

    • erthfrend profile image


      8 years ago from Florida

      I love baking so thank you for the great tips!

    • dahoglund profile image

      Don A. Hoglund 

      8 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

      Occasionally I try making pies because my wife wants nothing to do with baking and being diebetic I like control over the ingredients. I'll keep these things in mind


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