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Best Websites for Finding Recipes from your Favorite Restaurants

Updated on April 8, 2008

Eating out at restaurants is a fun experience and something that we often do as part of how we socialize with others. However, it's also expensive. People who are looking to save money frequently start by limiting the number of times per week that they eat at restaurants. Although there are great benefits to eating at home (including not just cost but also the ability to substitute healthier ingredients in your recipes), the switch can leave people feel a little bit like they're missing out.

One of the best ways to keep costs down but treat yourself anyway is to prepare the dishes from your favorite restaurants in the comfort of your own home. It isn't always easy to find recipes from your favorite restaurants (although some do publish their best dishes for you to recreate at home). However, there are numerous websites dedicated to providing free copycat recipes of meals from a variety of different restaurants. These recipes let you feel like you're dining out but keep the costs down on your food budget.

Here are some of the top websites for finding these copycat recipes:

  • All Restaurant Recipes - This is a leading restaurant recipe site with a variety of different restaurants featured. They're organized alphabetically so if you have a particular restaurant in mind it'll be easy to find. They're also rated by users so you can find favorites that others have enjoyed.
  • CD Kitchen's Copycat Recipes - This website has a page of restaurant recipes for each letter in the alphabet so you're going to be able to find a whole lot of your favorite recipes right here at this one resources.
  • CopyKat Recipes - The recipes on this site can be organized by the type of dish it is (such as appetizers and entrees), the source of the recipe (such as the restaurant) or the difficulty of cooking the meal. An added bonus is that it features a lot of well-known kid cuisine so you can cook for the little ones as well.
  • Razzle Dazzle Recipes - This recipe site is primarily used for holiday cooking but it also regularly updates its "restaurant recipes" section so it's a good resources to rely on when browsing for new dishes.
  • Robbie's Recipes - This recipe site has a section devoted to "brand name and restaurant recipes" so you can get a basic taste of some of your favorite dishes and also get good recipes that aren't so well-known.
  • Secret Restaurant Recipes - This is a blog that has about five to ten recipe posts per month. Red Lobster and Olive Garden recipes are leading restaurants on this site.
  • Top Secret Recipes - This site prides itself on finding the restaurant recipes that aren't published elsewhere. You can recreate everything from 7 Eleven's Cherry Slurpee to the crab dip from Joe's Crab Shack using recipes available on this site.

For an added bonus, prepare these treats as theme meals at your own home and invite guests to join you. A regular Sunday dinner - or once-monthly dinner - in which you and your friends indulge in homemade restaurant-style recipes can provide the social experience of dining out without compromising your personal finances.


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  • Constant Walker profile image

    Constant Walker 9 years ago from Springfield, Oregon

    Hi Kathryn, great hub. The best brown gravy I've ever had was last Thanksgiving at McMinnimen's Restaurant in Portland.  It was absolutely incredible.  Any idea of how I might get that recipe?

  • fishskinfreak2008 profile image

    fishskinfreak2008 9 years ago from Fremont CA

    This is very useful because I'm a food fanatic. Thanks for sharing