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Boiled Peanuts: Aquired Taste for Some, Love at first bite for others

Updated on April 2, 2012
Slow Cookers work best in My Opinion
Slow Cookers work best in My Opinion

A little History on the Nut thats boiled...

Boiled peanuts is primarily a southern delicacy. In 2006 the governor of South Carolina made boiled peanuts the official snack food.

People have been eating boiled peanut variations since at least the 1700's.

In South America and Africa boiled peanuts are street vendor food.

Peanut boiling came about when there were excess crops of peanuts, the southern community would get together and have huge peanut boils and eat them as a community activity. Oddly even though the state of Virginia is known for peanuts, they do not embrace boiled peanuts as any kind of official snack option for peanuts.

In the parts of Georgia I lived in, boiled peanuts could be found at produce stands almost daily. They could be found at gas stations, and even at grocery stores, either fresh boiled or in cans during the off season.

Rinsing off My peanuts with cold water
Rinsing off My peanuts with cold water

This is so easy

Go get some raw or green peanuts. They are the same. Just may be called different. You can find them just about anywhere. I got mine from the produce aisle in Wal-Mart, in a 1 pound green bag.

Rinse them off then let them soak in cold water for 30-60 minutes to loosen up any dirt that may not have been cleaned off.

Give them one more rinse.

I find a 2 quart crock pot works just fine for 1 pound of nuts. You can use a huge stock pot or a turkey deep fryer if you have one, for the larger batches you may wish to do. Same principle, just modify the recipe.

Showing you that peanuts float. Put something on top of them to weight them down.
Showing you that peanuts float. Put something on top of them to weight them down.

Getting your peanut on

While your peanuts are soaking, get clean water going in your crock pot or whatever you decide to cook in.

Remember to leave room to add your peanuts.

They will float. I find putting a saucer or plate on top to keep the peanuts sunk into the water does well. You will need something to keep them underwater.

Add 4-6 tbsp of salt to taste stir the water. Now, add the peanuts putting the weight on top the crock pot lid, then let them go on high all day. At least for 4-8 hours. I like putting mine on low and leaving them for 18+ hours, but that's me. You may want them faster ^_~

If you find you want to add some different seasonings. My old stand by is Old Bay. Or you can get some Cajun seasoning and add that a tbsp at a time to taste. Remember to add just a little more than you would normally season something with. It has to soak through the shell to get to the peanut.

Check them periodically, and stir them around. When they are done, they have dark brown shells compared to their lighter tanish brown they start with. They also will not be floating anymore.

I find the peanuts smell like green beans when they are done. And when you eat one they have the consistency of a baked potato. May even taste a little like one too.

To store: Keep them in either a zip top baggy, or Tupperware container, with the juice. The peanut water, I call everything juice. lol. It should stay good for a week or so, but I'm sure they won't last that long. Some one will eat all of them. ^_^

Let me know how things turned out for you in the comments below ^_^

Good luck.. and go get your cook on! ^_~


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    • Leroyworld profile image

      Leroyworld 5 years ago from Texas, No place else

      I love boiled peanuts. This is a great Hub. I like the tip about soaking the peanuts first. My dad was from Alabama and my family was brought up on boiled peanuts.