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Book Review – Field Guide to Herbs and Spices

Updated on March 12, 2011

Do you wish you knew more about how to cook with herbs and spices? If you want to become an expert at identifying, selecting, and cooking with the powerful flavors of the best herbs and species, then you may want to consider adding Field Guide to Herbs and Spices to your book collection. This interesting, easy to read and understand book will provide you with a ton of useful tips that can have a significant and positive impact on the quality and creativity of your cooking efforts!

Officially titled Field Guide to Herbs & Spices: How to Identify, Select, and Use Virtually Every Seasoning at the Market, this book is an outstanding publication for those who want to learn more about how to cook as well as for skilled home cooks with a passion for creating wonderful meals that are rich in flavor for their friends and family members to enjoy.

The book is organized much like a dictionary, with entries for more than 200 herbs and spices. The book is divided into two sections, with the first one focusing on herbs and the second one focusing on spices. For each of the items included, you'll find the name, general description, and a corresponding photograph. Additionally, information provided includes when the particular herb or spice is in season, how to make purchase decisions, what to avoid when making purchases, and how to store each herb. Tips for food affinities for each entry are also included.

You'll learn everything you ever wanted to know about herbs and spices – including plenty of things that you would never have thought to ask – when you read this book. In addition to being packed with information about various types of herbs and spices, the book also has more than 100 great recipes that will allow you to put your new knowledge to work in your kitchen. There are numerous recipes in the book, including things as simple as instructions for making homemade pesto and mustard, to very elaborate meals suitable for all types of special occasions – formal and informal.

A few of the particularly interesting (and tasty) recipe ideas you'll find in Field Guide to Herbs and Spices include:

  • Chinese Almond Cookies
  • Hazelnut Romesco Sauce
  • Jamaican Jerk Spiced Chicken
  • Rose Geranium Buttermilk Pound Cake
  • Thai Iced Tea with Star Anise
  • Many other delicious dishes

About the Author

Field Guide to Spices was written by Aliza Green, author of a number of other cookbooks (including several other titles in the Field Guise Series. Green is an award-winning and experienced chef, food writer, and cooking instructor.


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