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Bottle Tops

Updated on May 10, 2011

Bottle Tops

Bottle Tops
Bottle Tops

Bottle Tops Review

Bottle Tops is perhaps one of the coolest As Seen On TV products in history. I know what you are saying. "There's been a lot of As Seen On TV Products and How can Bottle Tops be the coolest?" Well, maybe it's a stretch, but my Bottle Tops Review might answer that question.

First, the thing that makes these stupid products cool is that each one attempts to solve a seemingly simple problem which faces us in our normal everyday lives. When one of these products turns out to be something so simple that we say "I could have invented that thing", then it becomes cool.

In this case Bottle Tops is exactly that. What a simple solution to a common problem. We all have left cans half full and ended up tossing them out wasting it's contents. Or, we've left them sitting around too long only to take a sip and our drink is flat. If you throw in how easy it is to spill cans and make a mess because there's no way to top a can, then you realize there is a problem that needs solving.

But, who would of thought of turning your can into a bottle? Me neither but it's awesome!

Let's watch the Bottle Tops commercial below and while we're laughing at the As Seen On TV sales pitch, let's take note of the how helpful this product is.

Bottle Tops As Seen On TV

I know, I know, the bottle top commercial is ridiculous but remember it is an As Seen On TV product. Oh, I guess this bottle tops review wouldn't be that good if I didn't point out that the manufacturer actually refers to their product as Bottle Top and not Bottle Tops.

Anyway, my favorite part of the commercial is the Snap noise dubbed in for effect. But in fairness to the producers of this commercial when you snap a bottle top onto your can it really does make a loud snap, just not the one you hear above. Now the commercial itself is pretty stupid.

I don't know many people dumb enough to put an open can in the refrigerator door but I suppose it could happen. I was never really concerned with spills in the fridge because I think leaving an opened can anywhere in the fridge is kind of gross, but my kids seem to love knocking over cans just like the kids in commercial. But I guess preventing refrigerator spills is a bottle top benefit.

My need for Bottle Tops was strictly the need to curb my soda wasting due to not drinking the entire 12oz can I would open for my caffeine fix.  I can't remember ever finishing an entire can but I hate the taste of soda in a two liter plastic bottle.  By the way there is NOTHING better than soda in a glass bottle but you don't see them packaged that way anymore, and if you do, they are really expensive.

I tried buying those tiny little cans for awhile but they're pretty pricey too.  Bottle Tops provided the solution for me.  You really do just snap them on and then your can turns into a bottle.  It's almost impossible to shake a bottle top loose and they will not fall off under any circumstance.  In fact, the only negative thing I have to say in my bottle tops review is that it's really tough to get the bottle top off the can after it's empty.  You really have to develop a style to remove these little buggers and my kids cannot pry these things off by themselves.  If yanked, slammed and twisted off the bottle tops but I'm learning.

The good news is that no matter how tough I am on the bottle tops, I've yet to damage a single one.  They're Great.

One thing the commercial pointed out was how handy Bottle Tops are for energy drinks. I never thought about it, but many energy drinks come in cans and if you want to take them with you while you are on a bike ride or a hike you're pretty much out of luck unless you transfer them to a water bottle or canteen.

For some energy drinks that's fine but the carbonated ones will go flat quickly in a plastic bottle.  Bottle tops allows you to leave the energy drink in the can and bring it along anywhere you want to go.

So I'm sold on these things and I enjoy using them but the perhaps the best thing to come out of my bottle top purchase was the bonus gift.  The Commercial above did not mention the bonus so I've included the newer bottle tops commercial so we can see the gift in action.  It's called the Can Top Popper and it's a life saver.  I would have bought one of these on it's own.  The Can Top Popper is the perfect little tool used to pop the tabs on cans instead of breaking your nails or searching for some weird utensil to pry off the tab.  I've spent my entire life asking people to open my Diet Cokes because I can never do it by myself.

So when you buy bottle tops you get this Can Top Popper as a bonus gift but you also get 6 additional bottle tops for a total of 12. That's not a bad deal at all.  It probably wouldn't be necessary but you could actually pop the tops on a 12 pack with your Can Top Popper and then but a bottle top on every can.  Not very likely unless you live in a Frat house, but you could do it.

Bottle Tops Seen On TV

Bottle Top
Bottle Top
Bottle Tops
Bottle Tops
Bottle Tops Colors
Bottle Tops Colors
Can Top Popper
Can Top Popper

Buy Bottle Tops

So what if you want to Buy Bottle Tops, are all offers that same? Well all I can say to that is, "who knows?". Every time I go to buy an as seen on TV product, it seems I never get the latest and greatest offer. But as far as I know, the Bottle Tops offer is standard.

You Get:

6 Bottle Tops

  • Bonus Can Top Popper
  • Plus 6 Additional Bottle Tops
  • Cost: $10 for six bottle tops plus $6.99 shipping and handling

But Wait There's More (lol)

There's an additional $6.99 Shipping and handling charge for the bonus 6 bottle tops so the entire deal will cost about $24. Is it worth it? You'll have to decide for yourself but as I've said in this review, it was worth it to me. These things are pretty sturdy so I doubt you'll ever have to buy another set of bottle tops and the conversation these little things will generate is probably worth the price. I'm telling you, they're cool to have around, your friends will love them.


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    • profile image

      André van Os 3 years ago


      Are Bottle tops still in production?

      I really like to hear!



    • profile image

      Michaela 6 years ago

      We bought a set of these cheap things & they don't even work! When we tried to put the top on the can, it exploded! There was soda on the ceiling! When we got the Bottle Top on a can (after at least ten minutes of trying) the soda leaked all over us! Overall, this is an awful product & a major waste of hard earned money.

    • profile image

      Felicia 6 years ago

      For everyone that says it doesnt fit "major brands" it fits my pepsi, coke and mountain dew perectly fine! all you need is muscle and im 11 and figured it out! i got them at big lots but its the as seen on tv brand.i still have problems getting it off though,Help?

    • profile image

      Kelly 6 years ago

      I saw my friend use it and loved hers, they snapped on and off with just a bit of elbow grease and were nice to use. I just tried the set I purchased at bed bath & beyond and I encountered what some others here did. It takes a small act of war (literally my husband an airborne soldier had to apply it and he was none too happy with it either)other than that it's great. I don't see how the ones i purchased could leak. After you get the thing on it's an airtight seal. We'll see how getting it off later goes....... Hopefully with use they break in? Otherwise I would have to deem them "Bottle Nots"

    • profile image

      Rachel Nicole Keenan 7 years ago

      Thank you Danielle!!! I am happy to hear you enjoy the product and that you love bottle tops, and thats was the reason I came up with the invention was at a barbeque it came to me I dont like bugs or bee's flying near my drink and I thought it was alsome If it had a top on it. I still haven't bought my own yet sucks I invented the product but don't have them well of course my name couldn't be on it. I seen them in the store for the first time a month ago, and If I see someone buying them Im gonna thank them and tell them I came up with the idea when I was younger and that would make my day thats someone's happy with my product.. well yeah of course your gonna delete this but whoever reading this if you have something to say email me at thank you.

    • profile image

      Rachel Nicole keenan 7 years ago

      Nice to see you deleted my comment all because you know I truly invented bottle tops when I was in the fifth grade I had a story on it and all it sucks you cant even send me free one's since I can't get paid for it cuz I did invent it but money aint everything to me but Im glad to hear ppl are happy with the product and if there are problems you had with it its cuz telebrands is a scam company that stole my invention when I was younger Im 21 now from pa.

      And yes I am the invented I came up with bottle tops for the reason being of convience at barbeques or outdoors when you have people soda's on a table color coded you know what is yours. And good so it don't spill for kids. yes I invented bottle tops- Rachel Nicole Keenan

    • profile image

      Danielle 7 years ago

      its called muscle people but as i no not all of you have muscle. these bottle pops are amazing and everyone should buy them... they actually work and i love to use then when i am camping so bees and other insects dont get inside well you are away. it also keeps the pop fresh and yummy to drink I LOVE BOTTLE TOPS!!!!

    • profile image

      madison 7 years ago

      i cant get the bottle top on at all and i end up with a mess all over myself. "rip off!!!!"and i don't even know about getting it off because i cant get it on in the first place!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Jen 7 years ago

      I purchased these about 2 months ago at my local Wal-mart. Aside from a small issue in the beginning, I truly love this product. The small problem was that we didn't read the directions first and attached one of these tops to a closed can. We then of course couldn't get it off and busted the can trying. For those that had trouble getting the tops off of empty cans, simply squeeze the can (as if you were going to crush it)and the top will pop right off. We have experienced a little leakage but not enough for me to use the term "rip-off". I've bought several as-seen-on-tv items in stores and this is by far the best product so far.

    • profile image

      forgivenbyjesus 7 years ago

      I also just noticed that in the 5 pics that they show on here in pic #1 they have ridges around the edges. The other pics show what I got in the mail which has no ridges. Also pics 2-4 do not have ridges. So who knows what they are really getting. I know that mine are the original "as seen on tv" bottle top. Has potential but right now they leak, every single one of them.

    • profile image

      forgivenbyjesus 7 years ago

      I got 12 of them, ordered them on tv and they leak everywhere. You end up with a sticky can, sticky hands. They show the kids in the ad holding them upside down, that isn't the problem. When you turn in back it leaks out and runs down the can and drips into your clothes.

      Great Idea! Doesn't work properly. I have no problem getting them on the can and they fit fine, and they pop right off it you make sure to flip the lid open to remove it. But when it is all over you, your clothes, everywhere, it isn't very helpful!

    • profile image

      Peggy C. 8 years ago

      The tops don't work on popular brands like coke. Do not buy

    • profile image

      Dan Cross 8 years ago

      The bottle tops do not fit on coke, pepsi, and other major brands. Do not waste time buyint and returning this product.

    • profile image

      paul 8 years ago

      this thing blows, and not in a good way. i tried to put it on a coke can and it didn't fit over the lip. i tried anyway...unsuccessfully. then i tried a coors light can...a little smaller can top. while pushing on the bottle top it split of up the side. needless to seen in my trash can.

    • profile image

      kristine 8 years ago

      youre supposed to do squeeze the can and the top comes right off.

    • profile image

      nicholas 8 years ago

      i whent to walmart today and got my bottle tops all i have to do is put my can on a flat surface and open the can up first then apply presure to the top so it goes on because its air tight that way u dont loose carbination and mine works just fine

    • Seen On TV profile image

      Seen On TV 8 years ago


      That was my biggest problem too. At first I couldn't these darn things to pop off. That's why I don't understand why people say the leak.

      I'm a diet coke addict and the Bottle Tops fit my cans perfectly and I've learn through trial and error to pop the me off. I point the can away from so its parallel to the ground, I then give a twist to the bottle top and push downward.

      I don't put in on the counter to do this because I smoosh the can and find there isn't enough space between the counter and the end of the bottle to force it down and pop it off.

      That's how I do it and it works but it took me a while to invent that method. Don't Give Up!

    • profile image

      Jeannie 8 years ago

      I bought a set of Bottle Tops last night and was really excited to try them because I never finish a whole can of soda. Well I was excited until I actually got them home & tried them...they don't fit a can of Diet Coke without using a tremendous amount of pressure.

      I followed the directions & opened the can of soda and attempted to "snap on" the Bottle the end I ended up crushing the can of soda (which spilled all over the place). I tried everything, including running it under hot water to soften it. I tried again on an unopen can and had to practically hammer it to get it to snap on (and yes, I tried several different tops). When I went to remove it, same problem. It says to squeeze the can & twist to remove. Again, no luck. By the time I finally pried it off the can with a can opener, the can was nothing but a bit of twisted metal, that cannot be returned for deposit due to how mangled it is.

      ...and kids are supposed to be able to use these? What about seniors? My mother & grandmother would NEVER be able to use these @ all!!! Yeah, they don't leak because they're permanently bonded to the can!!! VERY, VERY disappointed!

    • profile image

      Sam 8 years ago

      i think that the twist off ones are the ones that dont leak maybe. we have some we bought from a local store that have the snap lid like in the second commercial posted. if you close the top and squeeze the can they usually pop right off... only problem with that is... if you accidently forget to open your can first its nearly impossible to get the stupid thing off....

    • Seen On TV profile image

      Seen On TV 8 years ago


      I'm sorry to hear that. I hadn't heard of leaking. In fact, my big issue with Bottle Tops is that I find it impossible to separate them from the cans when I'm done using it. Are you sure you got the actual bottle tops product? I have seen them in stores, well what looked like them in stores, but were slightly different. I think think the ones I noticed last were called Toppers.

    • profile image

      matt 8 years ago

      I got a set of these, ever single one of them, all 12 leak!! You turn the can upside down and sode comes out. What a rip off............


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