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Breaking the junk food addiction

Updated on July 3, 2012

Break Free!

1. Use social support

2. Eat a sensible healthy breakfast

3. Break craving cycles and triggers

4. Use foods to hold blood sugars steady

5. Create a fitness program that fits your style

6. Take advantage of other motivators

7. Dieters use rule of ten

8. Get lots of rest

9. Drink lots of water

10. Don't give -up & keep trying on those skinny jeans!

Get ready for the beach!

Did you know scientists say there are 4 things you need to survive: Sleep, eating & drinking, breathing and exercise. If we know we need these things to survive why do we deprive ourselves constantly? I can't count how many times I have stayed up late, or didn't drink enough water. If we would just treat ourselves to our four basic needs how much better would we feel?

1.EAT! Look forward to fruits and veggies we choose to eat for a week. More meals per day, believe it or not many of us who are overweight don't eat enough. We are starving ourselves and making our bodies hold fat. Eat more frequently and use small portions , buy a glass 1 cup bowl, make a smaller dinner for yourself use a smaller plate,( then it looks full)
2. Get some real rest, go to bed by 9pm
3. Drink plenty of water at least 4- 8 oz. Drink a glass of OJ in the morning with breakfast.
4. Do breathing exercises & meditation daily. Quit smoking
5. Walk for 30 minutes a day 15 in the am and 15 in the pm, or one 30 minute time. Take your 15 min break at work and walk!!! Walking helps us sort out things and helps keep our minds from getting dementia when we get older.

6. laugh!!! Laughing releases endorphin's to make you feel better laughing for one minute is like doing several sit-ups!

7. Don't call it exercise call it your fun time!!! Lets do this for 6 months and see if we can improve our overall health?? !!! The challenge is on :)

8, 9, and 10 smile at someone, think positive about your weight loss and wear a bracelet or special ring to remind you to eat smaller and healthier.

Which of the 4 basic needs to survive do you deprive you self more of?

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