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Brown Bag Lunches

Updated on August 21, 2009

Food that Fits

Brown bag lunches guarantee that your children at school (or you at the office) will get food that not only fits into your brown bag/lunch box, but will fit into the nutrition plan you follow at home.

Small packs of peanuts, granola bars, raisins or fresh fruit go into them. A sandwich made with whole-grain bread and peanut butter provides complete protein and can be made the night-before with no loss of flavor, texture or nutrition. You can even make it better with a sprinkling of bacon bits or chopped dried apricots. Juice boxes and milk boxes are convenient or iced tea with honey/lemon can go in a thermos.

You may start out the school year with little love notes tucked away in the bag or cut out sandwiches with heart-shaped cookie cutters, but by October, you are lucky to make it to the kitchen in the morning and brew a cup of coffee.

Here are some suggestions that I hope will help you when you run out of ideas of "what to pack for lunch today."

Choose one from each column

Turkey, lettuce, tomato wrap
Orange Juice
Celery sticks w/peanut butter/raisins
Egg salad
Peanut butter /banana
Tuna salad w/celery/onion/mayo
Apple juice
Fat-free brownies
Leftover Meatball/Mozzarella, sauce
Bottled water
Lean ham, pineapple and cheese
Hot chocolate
Chicken noodle soup
Herbal iced tea
Baby carrots
Leftover Chili in wide mouth thermos
Chocolate milk
Three-bean salad w/Italian dressing
Vanilla soy milk
Graham crackers
Leftover chicken legs
Pineapple juice
Cut up cheese

You may want to make your own chart using the same principal. Choose one from each column. Mix it up a little.


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    • hienergybrain profile image

      hienergybrain 8 years ago

      i brought my lunch almost all through high school and people would look at the food i brought(rice balls with seaweed or a peanut butter and nutella sandwhich or something equally yummy) with envy but i think they might have snuck a feew looks of "weird" at my hello kitty lunch box

    • Ron Mariano profile image

      Ron Mariano 8 years ago

      Very practical. Those baggies will indeed save you money and they're environment friendly.

    • judydianne profile image

      judydianne 8 years ago from Palm Harbor, FL

      It will save you money, too!

    • Rob Dee profile image

      Rob Dee 8 years ago from Florida

      Yes! But you have to be dedicated to do it every day.