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Buffet Lunch at the Pizza Hut in Kingswood, Hull

Updated on May 16, 2014


Pizza Hut, Althorp Road, Kingswood Retail Park, Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, HU7 3DA.

A markerPizza Hut -
Althorp Road, Kingswood Retail Park, Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, HU7 3DA.
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Initial Impressions

Pizza Hut is a chain of pizza restaurants. This branch on Althorp Road, in Kingswood Leisure and Retail Park in Hull, was visited on a Friday lunchtime. The branch was fairly busy when first entered, and it sounded even busier than it was.

There is a Buffet Lunch which is served until 3PM on weekdays. This includes unlimited trips to the hot counter, where there is a choice of two pasta dishes, one of which is vegetarian, and a range of pizzas on thin Italian and pan bases. American Breadsticks are also available here. Unlimited trips to the salad bar are also included, where there are a variety of salad items, fruit, sauces, dressings, flavoured oils, breadsticks, picked onions, seeds and jalapenos. On the buffet menu are several side dishes that are available at a reduced price from that on the main menu.

A selection of soft drinks, with unlimited refills once purchased, are available from a drinks machine, as well as ice from a machine next to it.

The restaurant has a small, free car park.

The Food

The buffet menu was chosen, and an unlimited soft drink, which was a Pepsi Max. Three glasses of the Pepsi Max were had, without ice, and they were as good as can be expected from a draught soft drink. The ability to have unlimited refills does make them better value for money than many restaurant soft drinks.

The hot counter and salad bar were visited three times

The slices of pizza chosen were two deep pan Margherita, two deep pan Double Pepperoni and one thin Italian BBQ Cajun Chicken. As well as that, four American Breadsticks and some salad items - jalapeños, bacon bits, sliced red onion and potato salad - were also chosen.

The crust of the slice of BBQ Cajun Chicken on thin Italian was a bit hard. This consisted of pieces of chicken with peppers, red onions and green chillies with BBQ sauce drizzled on it. A rather weird combination. The slices of Margherita were fine, with the cheese just cooked enough, rather than being overdone and browned. The Double Pepperoni slices were also fine. The American Breadsticks were quite fluffy in texture.

On the first visit to the hot counter there were three vegetarian pizzas, one of which was of two different types, two identical meat pizzas and no breadsticks available. On the second visit, one of the vegetarian and one of the meat pizzas were replaced with two more meat pizzas, one of which was half and half, and some breadsticks had been brought out. The food available on the third visit was identical. The salad bar had some empty containers, some that were nearly empty, and some in which other food had been dropped. This did not change on any visit.


My Review

The cost of the meal came to £9.44 including the drinks. The service was only needed for being seated, placing an order, getting the bill and paying, so service wasn't that big a factor in the visit, but it was pretty reasonable in these areas. The biggest service factor was the speed with which new pizzas were brought out, which was decent, including some unfinished pizzas that had been under the hot lamps for too long being replaced. The maintenance of the salad bar was, however, quite poor, as it wasn't fixed during the visit.

The buffet lunch is a bit hit or miss with regards to getting a pizza that is truly wanted. There are several pizzas that are standard, and a manager's special which can be anything else from the menu. In busy times pizzas tend to disappear fairly rapidly; in slow times they tend to be left out for some time. In both cases, the choice can be quite limited, either because of pizzas being quickly taken by customers, or new ones not being brought out because there aren't enough people dining to justify it.

The Pizza Hut buffet menu is a fairly quick meal, as nothing is made to order, and decent value for money, with the latter increasing depending on how much food is ordered.

3 stars for Pizza Hut, Althorp Road, Kingswood Retail Park, Hull


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