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How to Build a Biscuit Fun in The Kitchen With Your Kids

Updated on October 9, 2010

Tea Biscuit

Cheap and Fun

Having fun with your children whist giving them free reign to be creative is a fantastic experience, making learning fun is the key to successful teaching and it makes every task less boring for your children and easier on yourself.

You in return gain extra Brownie points from your children and appear that little bit cooler in their eyes.

The simple things in life usualy don't cost a lot of money and you can have more fun with them that with something that costs half of your mortgage to buy.

Building a biscuit is a cheap and fun way to introduce your children to the kitchen and it is totally safe because there is no cooking involved whatsoever in the process.

Food Coloring

Hundreds and Thousands

How to Build a Biscuit

Although this is a recipe of sorts, there are no fixed ingredients except that you do need a plain biscuit such as the Tea biscuit pictured at the top of this article, you can use any plain biscuit of your choice though.

Suggested Ingredients:

The ingredients listed here are just a suggestion, you can use almost anything that you can eat, sweet, savoury, sour this helps your children develop a knowledge of different tastes.

Things that you could use

Assorted food colorings.

Cake icing

Hundreds and Thousands

Candy (M AND M's or Jelly tots are Ideal sized)

Chocolate sprinkles

Jelly (jam)


cream (the spray can type)

what ever you have in the cupboard or fridge that you think would be appropriate to use.




Build a Biscuit Face

Building Your Biscuit

The idea works on the same principle as making a pizza, the biscuit acts as your base and you add the topping, instead of using a tomato sauce to cover your base you make up your icing mix and add some food coloring to it, then you can be as creative as your hearts desire, add some sprinkles and candy, or  make a face using candy as a nose and eyes chocolate sprinkles as hair and a red colored icing as a mouth.

it is so easy to do and it is also too easy to get carried away in the project, the children love it and will ask to build a biscuit every day.

Make Money at a Fundraiser

Great for Fundraisers

Because building a Biscuit only costs a couple of cents they are a great way to raise money at fundraising events, if you make a stall dedicated to building Biscuits, at a fund raising event you can raise a lot of much needed funds by charging $1.00 to build your own biscuit, children will queue for hours at the stall because they can add the toppings of their choice and eat the resulting work of art afterwards, parents love to join in the fun too, you could also have a competition for the best biscuit of the day where people pay an extra dollar to enter and the winner gets a $25.00 prize.


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