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Bulgaria - Village Life

Updated on September 24, 2012
Lamb at Springtime
Lamb at Springtime

Find Out More About Daily Life in a Rural Bulgarian Village

Imagine stepping back in time, that's what life is like in a Rural Bulgarian village. On the surface things do seem somewhat old fashioned, but there are traces that we're really in the twenty first century. But the "Old ways" still thrive here, and are embraced by many.

With each morning and the rise of the sun, people wake and start work for the day. Many still grow vegetables and eke a living from the land. There are animals to feed, cows waiting to be milked and that all important trip to the village centre to catch up with friends over a coffee and buy fresh bread. Each village has a bar/cafe and it's the hub of daily life, a place to communicate, warm up in winter and find out the gossip!

All over Bulgaria the scene is the same. Things don't seem to change much here, which gives rural Bulgaria some of it's charm. Morning and the shepherd calls for the sheep, goats and cows, they head off to graze for the day and return just before nightfall. Each animal heading to their own house to sleep, owners waiting patiently to shut them in the barn until the next day.

And while it might seem a quiet life, it's certainly not easy for the Bulgarian people. Many still work from morning until night in their gardens. Planting, weeding, harvesting and preserving, following a schedule and recipes taught to them by their elders. Take a look in the cellar and you'll find jars of home grown produce, all stacked neatly and ready to be eaten during the winter months. Bunches of dried flowers and herbs give off wonderful aroma's and you'll quite often spot barrels or bottles of home made alcohol lurking somewhere. All part of everyday life in a rural Bulgarian village.


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    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 5 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      Sounds like a dream. I grew up with a lot of that in rural Maine in the USA.