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Are you a coffee lover ?!

Updated on April 10, 2011

Coffee Shop !

My favourite coffee place on the lake in Forster !
My favourite coffee place on the lake in Forster !

Coffee cup --- Coffee Mug !

Are you a coffee fan and only drink the best , spend time trying out new coffee shops or just a social coffee drinker ?

I love to have a good coffee , we are trying the Robert Tmms Italian Expresso style coffee bags Dark roasted blend with a rich continental style of aroma & flavour which we enjoy now & then

I personally prefer a coffee mug so as to have a decent size drink much to my Aunts horror as she is a fan of a cup & saucer which I hate as I am scared of dropping it , trying to balance the cup isn't fun.

The main reason is my coffee goes to fast in those tiny cups !

What coffee do you enjoy while out and about ?

I enjoy a good cappachino as long as you can taste the coffee and it comes out hot.

Do you have a favourite coffee shop like Gloria Jeans or Starbucks ?

In Australia we have Gloria Jeans with their larger choice of drinks .

Starbucks who in darling Harbour Sydney made their coffee so weak we had to get it replaced & don't go there anymore.

At home we sometimes do perculated coffee hence my interest in the diferent types of coffee.

Please have fun here - do the poll on your favourite coffee !

Thank you in advance !

Coffee - What is your Favourite ?

Do you have a favourite coffee you stick to ?

See results

Make a good coffee at home


  1. Use good quality coffee, freshly roasted and freshly ground
  2. Use fresh, clean, cold water. Filtered or bottled water works well, but avoid distilled or softened water.
  3. The grind chosen must be of the correct fineness for the chosen brewing method.
  4. The pot must be cleaned and warm.
  5. Make only enough coffee for your immediate needs. The coffee will deteriorate if you keep it too long. Avoid reheating coffee, it just doesn't taste the same.
  6. Avoid boiling brewed coffee - it is a sure way to spoil the coffee.
  7. Use approximately 70 grams of coffee per litre of water.

What is your favourite Instant coffee brand ?

Do you have a favourite coffee brand or can you drink whatever you are offered ?

We enjoy Nescafe coffee but hate International Roast , Bushels and plain label or shop brand coffee.

How to Make Instant Coffee.

Heat up the water and get a mug and put in one  tablespoons of sugar( if you have sugar like some) and a teaspoon of instant coffee. (Adjust to size of cup and taste.

When the water is ready, pour in as much to fill the cup, allowing for any liquid you plan to add.

Add milk or cream to the coffee and stir.

Cleaning your coffee maker


How to you clean your coffee maker? In order to be able to keep making good coffee, do this every month:

  1. In case you have a built-in filter, take it out.
  2. Fill your carafe with water and add two tablespoons of vinegar.
  3. Pour the mixture of water and vinegar into the coffee maker and turn on the coffee maker.
  4. Let it brew halfway through the brewing cycle and stop the machine for about 15 minutes. Resume the brewing process and let the brewing finish.
  5. Now, rinse the carafe out and brew plain water through the system - twice. Rinse out the carafe, and you're now all done!


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