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Buy Fun Kitchen Accessories Online. Pretty Cups, Funny Teapots, Novelty Aprons. Why Not Brighten Your Kitchen?

Updated on July 21, 2013

Celebrate With Colour.

I Love Christmas, Birthdays or any other party time. I remember when I was a small child, my mother always let me help with the cooking and washing up. The small fancy fairy cakes with chocolate or strawberry icing, the big fruit cake just taken out of the oven, still warm, and me sneaking over to take a piece and stuff it in my mouth without her seeing it. My mum was great cook. But it wasn't only the cooking that was fun. It was all the colourful accessories that she let me wear for these occasions. I remember having a lovely little Apron, bright red with stars on the front. This always made me feel like a proper cook. And it was magic. In my mind it was like a fairy land, with colourful teapots and stripy cups. We tend to lose this magic as we get older and our kitchen can sometimes look and feel quite dull. Cooking isn't just about making great food, it's also about making the kitchen a special place where you can feel cosy and warm, with smiley faces on cups and nice orange and red appliances that warm the room and leave you feeling happy. We all yearn for that old type kitchen with grandma standing at the big old table, wooden spoon in her hand madly mixing the cake ingredients, and the smell of cooking bringing in the family on a cold winters night. Sadly we seem to have lost this over time, but we can make our own magic with some great accessories.

Novelty Aprons for Children.

Let's start with Aprons. How many of us use an Apron these days? But they are practical and fun. All little girls love to help mum in the kitchen, and giving them an Apron will stop spills and make cooking much more fun. You can let them make as much mess as they want to, and believe me when I say children do love to make a mess! These can also be used for painting and other messy activities. It's probably best to buy a pack of Aprons because however durable they seem to be, children always seem to have a habit of making a hole in them!  Also the advantage of buy a pack of Aprons is that when one gets messy you can easily swap and change. And children do like different colours for doing different things.

Cups And Novelty Teapots.

In this day and age of fast everything, how many of us actually still use a teapot? We grab a cup or a mug from the cupboard, take a teabag from the caddy and throw it in the cup, pour on the boiling water, and wonder why it tastes like dishwater! I have recently started to use a teapot once again, and for the life of me, I can't understand why I stopped using it in the first place! The tea tastes so much nicer, you can actually smell the tea as well as taste it. And the advantage of course, is that if you want more than one cup you have a whole potful to use. Way to go!

I think that is the trouble these days, we use boring mugs instead of cups, we use teabags instead of tea leaves, and we hurry hurry hurry! We need to slow down and smell the coffee, well, tea! So here I have added a few cups and teapots to show you that it doesn't have to be boring. I especially love the cat teapot, what a find!

I can always remember going on holiday, and one of the main items that I always brought back for my family was a tea towel. Now I know what you are thinking! How boring is that? But bear with me. The ones I bought were always those lovely patterned ones with the map of the county we were staying in. Some had pictures of the beach, others had pretty cottages and gardens. We always seem to outgrow these things. I can't remember the last time I have even seen these sort of things. Maybe it is just because I am not looking in the right places, or it could be that, as I am now an adult, I don't see the novelty of them any more. I do believe we all need to add that child back into our lives. And if that means buying silly cat teapots, or novelty cups and saucers, well why not? I say!

There are so many more things that you can add to make some colour in your kitchen. party plates, fancy napkins, and of course coloured vases to put your lovely flowers in to make it even brighter. Especially in the winter, when everything outside is grey and cold. What's better than shutting the curtains, warming the range and cooking, surrounded by pretty and decorative objects. I always disliked cooking, in fact I actually disliked my kitchen! I have never been a natural cook, preferring to use the microwave instead of the proper oven. It wasn't until a friend of mine bought me a cat biscuit tin, that I actually realised that it wasn't the kitchen I hated, it was the fact that it was boring! The walls were a neutral beige colour, the plates were just blue or white, and the tea caddy set was made of dull looking wood that I just wanted to throw away! But the biscuit tin did it for me! And that's what started my obsession with colour! Why not try it, you might surprise yourself!

Go Ahead, Enjoy Your Kitchen!



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