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Buying Egg Rings

Updated on June 11, 2013

Who doesn’t like an egg? Whether it’s a fried egg, a poached egg, a scrambled egg, or any other kind of egg you can think of, an egg, for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, is simply delectable. Eggs are a staple of the diet the whole world over, and no wonder they are. They are nutritious, delicious, and so easy to make. The average person eats hundreds of eggs each and every year!

Given the popularity of eggs as a meal or a snack, it is not surprising that various kitchen specialty stores and other retailers would offer tools to make preparing eggs simpler and more fun. The egg ring, available at stores across the country and online, is one such tool. Why not try out an egg ring and see what it can do for you?

Egg rings come in various shapes, so you can go to professional looking eggs to fun shapes for the kids!
Egg rings come in various shapes, so you can go to professional looking eggs to fun shapes for the kids!

What Is An Egg Ring?

An egg ring, for those new to the idea, is a simple yet ingenious tool for the home cook or restaurateur. These tools are usually fashioned of some kind of metal, such as cast iron or stainless steel, and are typically attached to a handle for easy use. When preparing eggs, whether fried, scrambled, or otherwise, the cook pours the egg into the egg ring, and it holds the egg in place in the pan or on the griddle. The result is less of a mess and a more uniform looking egg. Thus home cooks can serve their hungry guests an egg that looks like it was made by a real professional!

Types of Egg Rings

Although the technology and design of the egg ring is pretty simple, there are actually many variations that cooks can find with a bit of research. There is an egg ring available for every egg!

To start with, there is the simple round egg ring that holds one or two eggs. These are usually fashioned from non-stick stainless steel, aluminum, or sometimes cast iron. These rings are perfect for cooking the perfect egg or two. There are also larger varieties of the standard egg ring design for cooking a larger quantity of eggs or for shaping the perfect omelet. The bigger rings also accommodate more ingredients in your eggs, whether green peppers, onions, chopped sausage, or whatever your fancy.

Although many egg rings come in the round variety, other shapes are available as well. There are square and rectangular shaped egg rings for variations on your egg cooking ventures. Some of these egg rings actually get a little fancy. For the cook who wants to please that special someone, he or she can purchase an egg ring in the shape of a Valentine’s Day heart. Also available are egg rings in the shape of a flower—perfect for an Easter brunch—or fun shapes for kids. What better way to get your children to eat a good breakfast than to serve them a star shaped egg!

Finally, for the real egg pro, there are egg rings with multiple rings on the same handle. These tools are great for making three or four perfectly shaped fried or scrambled eggs all at the same time.

Buying an Egg Ring

If you are thinking about trying out an egg ring, you will probably want to know where you might go to shop for one. Check out these retailers for some great choices in egg rings.

First, the people at offer a whole range of egg ring shapes and styles. Whether you are a traditionalist when it comes to eggs or want to mix things up a little and make a fancy egg, these folks have an egg ring for you. Shipping through Food Service Direct is, as the name implies, direct to your home. You also might want to check out Crate and Barrel for your egg ring needs. These popular retailers can be found at many malls and shopping centers, and they also are available online. Their sturdy cold-rolled steel egg ring will be handy for just about any home cook.

The thing about eggs is that they are easy to make and most people love them. An egg ring will make your eggs even better.


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