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How to use Food Processor for Kneading Roti Dough or Atta

Updated on November 26, 2011
Making Roti Dough using Food Processor
Making Roti Dough using Food Processor

Making Roti using Chappatti Maker

Like most Indian families, in our home we also eat Roti, Chapati or Phulka on a daily basis apart from the different types of paratas. When I was a new bride I faced so many problems with cooking. At my parent’s house, my mother never permitted me to even enter the kitchen nor did I take any interest in learning cooking. It was only natural that I had starting troubles when I started cooking for my husband. So I was always on the lookout for shortcuts to simplify the cooking process. I used to make chapatti using the chapatti maker machine which saves me a lot of time and efforts. But when it comes to making the dough I was using the traditional way of making dough till I found another short cut by using the food processor for making dough.

Making Roti Atta using Food Processor

In order to make good rotis it is essential to get the dough right. In the traditional method the dough is made using hand. Kneading the dough is not an easy job; at least it is not for me. I have not been very lucky with making the dough right till I started using the food processor. I have been having the food processor for years but I have not used it for kneading atta till I saw a friend using it. I was so amazed to see how simple it was to knead dough using the food processor. Rather than me saying it check out the video below to see how easy it is to make roti dough.

How to make Roti Dough using Food Processor

Food Processor – A must have Kitchen Appliance

A food processor is a kitchen appliance used to simplify the tasks used in the process of preparation of food. The food processors has interchangeable blades and disks (attachments) and can be used for multiple functions like slicing or chopping vegetables, grinding, shredding or grating, pureeing, mixing and kneading dough, making juices, beating egg whites or batter etc with ease and perfection. Some attachments which come with the appliance are sabatier blade, dough blade, egg whip, julienne disc, French fry disc, citrus juicer etc.

When you decide on buying a food processor, pick one based on your requirement and lifestyle. Do you need a food processor to do the basic tasks like chopping or pureeing or want to use for more tough jobs like kneading dough for breads or pastas? If you want to do basic tasks only a basic model should serve your purpose. If you want advanced tasks to be performed choose one with more attachments. You may also choose the magic bullet models for your kitchen. I saw it working at a friends place and highly recommend it. Which ever type you choose it's worth its price.


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      Vik C 6 years ago

      Wow! You're a life saver!