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CAU The Best Argentinian Steak London Has To Offer

Updated on June 3, 2013

The Steak Restaurant CAU

CAU steakhouse has great promotion ideas such as this sculpture of a cow placed around London for people to find. PR is not dead!
CAU steakhouse has great promotion ideas such as this sculpture of a cow placed around London for people to find. PR is not dead! | Source

The Best Steak and Chips in London

Ten years ago I wondered where all the good steak had disappeared to. CAU Argentinian steak restaurant opened in London and I discovered that all the good cows must have migrated to Argentina. I have returned to CAU over and over, as it truly is beautifully cooked, top quality steak of the finest cut and flavour you can find in all the London steak houses.

CAU stands for Carne Argentina Unica

... Or unique Argentinian beef. I must confess the reason I first wanted to visit CAU did not involve academic knowledge of foreign Spanish languages. I laughed at the name and thought to myself, “anyone bold enough to call their restaurant after the cow, must be pitching the bar rather high for steaks.”

I was not disappointed.

My inner carnivore, long asleep from dead, rubber tasting steak and chip combinations exhumed and served to me, sought entry to this palace of steak cuisine.

Inside the Kingdom of CAUdom

CAU steaks
CAU steaks | Source
CAU grass
CAU grass | Source
An embarrassed cloud at CAU
An embarrassed cloud at CAU | Source

What I’ve eaten at CAU restaurant

Starters at CAU

Salt and Pepper Squid – delicious. Tempura style, perfectly tender and enough to make you glad you paid for a starter.

Steamed Mussels – nice garlic, coriander and onion cream sauce, no sand in the seafood, and big, juicy mussels that are most clearly fresh and have not been frozen or precooked. You can have as a main also.

Yerba Smoked Beef – I’m not a rare steak kind of girl, but I was tempted by this, which is served rare and in thin slices. It was delicious – so if you are going rare and bare for the first time, this is a good way in.

Belly of Pork Tempura – mouthwatering and juicy, this little dish is a delight, with a herby meaty flavour that had me wondering why I’d never eaten pork belly before.

Mains at CAU

While there is menu variety available if you (shhh don’t say this out loud) are a vegetarian, and there are cheaper mains like steak burgers and such that are very good (so I’ve been told), I always go for the top dollar steak options. CAU food menu here.

Lomito – 16 ounces of what looks to be a prime quality cut of fillet steak without any fat-line in it. One to three inches thick in places depending on the cut provided (each steak is slightly different looking due to the high quality steak standard at CAU), and served with a little bowl of blue cheese on the side. I literally savour every mouthful when ordering this dish, and have to admit to closing my eyes to take an inner snapshot of what is one of the happiest moments in my life. This is the best fillet steak I’ve eaten.

Tapa De Cuadril – 8 ounces and a thin flash-fried steak with Argentinian spicing and a melt in the mouth flavour. Personally it is a first date (I’m being polite not ordering the big one) kind of steak, because as soon as someone knows me I go for more ounces!

Tira De Ancho – 18 ounces. This is more like it. Stunning ribeye cut which demonstrates CAU really knows the best way to prepare ribeye steak, with a delightful spice crackling over the surface of this delicious meat lover’s delight. The appearance of the steak is long, about 20cm, high, about 2 inches, with the fat on the edges seared to grill-flavoured perfection. A variety of sauce choices for ribeye steak and the other steaks are available, including steak Dianne sauce, pepper steak sauce and the steak blue cheese sauce. I opt for pepper steak sauce. Gorgeous.

Asado De Chorizo – 18 ounces. Billed as a sirloin steak to share but I never do this as anyone who knows me can attest. I’m cool with 18 ounces all to myself and with this steak, and its Chorizo flavoured spicing, (chorizo being the greatest international addition to cuisine everywhere in the last five years). I’m quiet for quite a long time. Don’t care what "Asado" means, don’t care who is sitting opposite me. I’m chewing. Be silent. I’m in heaven.

Fashionable CAUhide interior

CAU restaurant interior
CAU restaurant interior | Source

The ambience at CAU steakhouse

CAU certainly lives up to expectations and its claims to know the best way to cook steak. But those clever CAU marketing folk that made me laugh at the name also concentrated on making the restaurant interior most enjoyable and stylish. Clean white booths reminiscent of 50s diners; alternate black and white décor; hat-tipping homage to the colour of cowhide (note British reviewer here you spell freaks!); communicating CAU’s corporate message that the cows they raise in Argentina roam free range, enjoy themselves enormously and provide delicious steak as the result.

I’m looking up at the only print décor, long green luscious grass and clear blue skies with the odd embarrassed cloud. Suddenly I wish I was one of their cows too, relaxing in the fields of sunny Argentina.

Somehow, this makes you feel good. Clever marketing poppets!

The serving staff CAUGIRLS and CAUBOYS

I could be negative and say the service lets CAU down somewhat. I’ve been four times in the last year and never got what I ordered – but I never mind as I’m too busy taking palette snapshots in my head of what a good time I’m having masticating on cowflesh.

We loved our last waitress from the very start as we had ordered one soda water, from which promptly arrived that item plus a large water jug with two glasses, and an additional bottle of sparkling mineral water. The CAUGIRLS and CAUBOYS are really cool about the mistakes they make though and just laugh and say, "no problems we will take it off the bill".

So I can forgive the overwatering.

Plus, they always open the door for you when you leave, smile genuinely and are happy and chatty people - so I like the random errors in service somewhat. Isn’t that just a reflection of life?

There is only ONE CAU restaurant in London

274 High Street, Guildford:
274 High St, Guildford, Surrey GU1 3JL, UK

get directions

CAU restaurant - flagship restaurant. The Best Steaks return!

CAU GUILDFORD is the flagship steakhouse!

Open Mon-Sat 12-11pm and Sun 12 - 10.30pm. They do bookings and are always packed for your information. Phone 01483 459 777

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