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Cabbage Stir Fry with Egg Rolls

Updated on August 25, 2013

Weekend suppers

I love to cook. the preparation takes me way from the mundane and places me in a space were I am in charge and can do, within reason, whatever I wish. However, there are time, quite often Friday nights, when I simply do not want to take the time to cook anything complex. I still rather cook than order in, going out is an option but an expensive one; reserved for special events and when the mood strikes.

When I was growing up, Saturday night supper was frequently hot dogs or hamburgers with fries, Friday night was fish and chips from Oly Ann’s, a restaurant and take out place that was about three blocks from home and Sunday night was the big sit down, roast beef or roast pork meal.

Much has changed since then, pizza, for one thing, has been added to the selection for Saturday night and we rarely eat fish and chips, except on the infrequent trips to a local restaurant.

Sunday dinners do vary from simple stir fry to more complex meals such as tofu lasagna which will be the subject of a future hub.

We still have a relaxed meal on Friday or Saturday night, it all depends upon which night we are in the mood to just kick back and do littlebut still want a home cooked meal. Well, home prepared may be a better choice of words, here, after all, when we have hot dogs, we are not really cooking, just heating up, especially if we are having pre-cut, frozen French fries with them.

One item that falls ideally into this easy dinner is frozen egg rolls, they are reasonable tasty and very simple to make. Usually, as are the ones in the photo, they are vegetarian and sometimes we get a little crazy and serve them with fries.

Mostly though we try to have a basic salad or stir fry as the side dish.

This week we went with a cabbage and carrot stir fry.

ready for oven
ready for oven
ready to eat
ready to eat
hot sauce
hot sauce

Egg rolls

Cabbage-Carrot Stir Fry.


1 large carrot, sliced diagonally

1/3 large cabbage, chopped

8 button mushrooms sliced

1 small onion sliced

Sea salt and black pepper to tatse

Hot sauce ( your choice) optional

1 tbsp butter


In wok or fry pan, add butter

Then add onions and mushrooms

Cook and stir for 4 minutes

Add remaining ingredients

Cook 8 minutes or until tender.

Serve with egg rolls which have been prepared according to the instructions on the package.


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