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Cake Batter Pancakes

Updated on August 4, 2011

Tasty Mistake!

Breakfast is Served

Admittedly, not every kitchen mistake I make comes out delicious. Edible, maybe. But probably only delicious to me. I decided to make pancakes the other morning. I had everything together and half mixed when I reached for the eggs.

No eggs.

Now what. You can't make pancakes without eggs.

On second thought... you can make any baked good (poundcake being the exception) without fat or eggs if you substitute another binder. After doing some very quick research I find that mayonnaise is an appropriate substitute as long as it's the real deal. So I grab the mega jar in the fridge and reach for the milk at the same time.

No milk.

Not even cream. Well technically a little cream, but only enough for my coffee. Priorities, you know.

(insert sounds of angst here)

Hello, what's that in the corner...Almond milk!

Bingo! And it's not past its prime! Double bonus!

With my saving grace in hand I spy a lemon in the drawer and remember my son loves lemon pancakes. Why not.

What resulted were the most unusually amazing pancakes I've ever had. I swear they tasted like we were eating yellow cake for breakfast! And I love cake for breakfast! The plate was polished off along with some tasty bacon which I probably could have thrown in the batter too. Because everything's better with bacon. And by the way, feel free to throw some blueberries in these pancakes if you like or chocolate chips. Have a ball!

May I recommend these pancakes would make a fabulous dessert topped with fresh fruit and a dollop of creme fraiche. So however you indulge yourself, enjoy this mistake made in my kitchen! Now, what's for dinner?

Cake Batter Best Pancakes EVER

Servings? I don't know, enough for my family of four including one for the dog

In a large bowl, whisk together (forget the whole sifter thing. waste of time. use a big whisk)

1 1/2 C All-purpose flour

3 1/2 teaspoons baking powder

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon sugar

To the dry ingredients ADD

1 1/4 C Vanilla Almond Milk (I suppose you could use soy, but personally, I hate soy milk)

1/3 C Mayonnaise (the real deal, none of that salad dressing or low-fat junk)

3 T melted butter - BUTTER! NOT THE OTHER STUFF. That's not how God invented butter

Zest of one lemon (remember to wash your lemon first)

Juice of 1/2 lemon (Zest first, then juice. You'll thank me)

1/2 teaspoon Vanilla (Yay, more vanilla! Feel free to use almond extract if you want. And use the good stuff, not the imitation variety. I don't know how you make anything imitation to replace real. I don't eat it if I can't pronounce it.)

Mix until well blended but do not overmix or beat. Be gentle with the batter.

In a large non-stick pan or flat-iron pan, electric skillet, whatever you have, heat enough oil to coat the pan but not float the pancakes. Keep the oil handy to recoat as needed. When the oil is wavy in the pan, turn the heat down to a medium to medium-high flame. Too high and the pancakes will cook too quickly and be raw in the middle but burned on the outside. Not good.

Using a ladle or whatever method you want, drop about 1/2 C batter for each pancake. Of course, if you want tiny pancakes or giant mancakes, knock yourself out. Cook checking the bottoms periodically with a wide spatula and flip when the bottom is done and the top is bubbly and a little dry looking. If you're adding fruit or chocolate chips, now would be the time to drop those on top just before you flip. The edges will also look a little crispy and golden if you used the right amount of oil. It's critical to keep the pan oiled or your pancakes will stick and be nasty. Look folks, we're not making foo-foo diet food, so just use the damn oil! Walk an extra mile today if you half to. Keep the pancakes that are done warm by covering with a piece of aluminum foil and a towel (foil first, then towel). Serve with your favorite syrup and MORE BUTTER!!

I like butter.

Bon apetit

Did I mention I like butter? I like bacon too


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    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

      Mmm I am bookmarking this one into 'My favourite recipes 'slot.

      Thank you for sgharing and I now look forward to reading many more by you.

      Take care


    • mhaydock profile image

      mhaydock 6 years ago from Illinois

      Thanks for the great comments! You might also enjoy my hub To Mom with Love and Rice in Abundance

    • kriti dugar profile image

      kriti dugar 6 years ago

      lol.. some accidents lead to discoveries.. and i guess that is what happened.

      Something similar happened to me one lazy afternoon . that's when i found one of my favourite recipes

      If this is what kitchen accidents throw up, I would not mind one or two every now and then

    • profile image

      twodawgs 6 years ago

      Wow, what a train wreck! Ha! Thanks for sharing your accident with us, both for your inadvertently clever way to enjoy cake at breakfast, and the entertaining story.