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Calmer Sutra TeaHouse ...Chai Delight

Updated on August 30, 2011

I fell in love with chai. The most exoctic warming tea I have ever drank. I discovered a Teahouse that not only makes the fresh chai, but serves it's tea in their cafe'. The Chai is hand blended to soothe and seduce the senses. The health benefits are amazing. It is an antioxidant, soothes sore throats, reduces colds and flus, and helps with digestion.

Let me tell you about the history and the product.

In 2003, founders Caitlin West and Elizabeth Briedis, were keen followers of the soothing, delectable Chai brew promoted in festivals and markets across Australia. They had a passion and love for the kitchen and creating wholesome vegetarian foods, they went about perfecting their favorite beverage…Chai.

To produce a product that encapsulated all the wonderful traits of a stove top brew; fresh ginger root, warming whole spices, tea leaves, sweet honey, and a full bodied taste. Keeping in mind that busy café owners and baristas would be looking for a user friendly product, Caitlin and Elizabeth created ‘Calmer Sutra Fresh Chai’.

Calmer Sutra Fresh Chai is a mouthwatering blend of 8 whole spices sourced fresh (including cinnamon quills, cardamom pods and star anise flowers), then lovingly hand ground to release their true aromatic essence.

The secret spice synergy is then enhanced by fresh chunks of ginger root, lush anti-oxidant enriched tea and the purest Australian honey.

A deluxe wet blend of quality ingredients is made with love.
Chai tea is a 98% caffeine free, low in tannin, all natural product and is a healthy alternative to coffee.

Today Owners Caitlin West and Matthew Clarke enjoy continued relationships with their growing client base. However, you will be greeted with great service from a great person named Rhonda. She will welcome you as if you are the only special person in the cafe'.

When you have the chance to try the Chai, make sure you bring home the take home pack and try it at home. Their wholesome vegetarian dishes are absolutely outstanding. My personal favourite is their Japanese pancake (vegetarian pancake).

Calmer Sutra Tea is a leading supplier of fresh, hand ground Chai to the hospitality and retail industries. The uniquely blended ‘wet’ Chai, is an authentic style brew, pertaining to its Indian roots. It is also reminiscent of the aromas and good vibes enjoyed in Chai tents across the festival and market scene.

The mission is simple: to satisfy the eclectic tea drinking desires of Australians, by supplying high quality, uniquely blended Fresh Chai tea.

The Calmer Sutra Teahouse is based at 622 Hawthorn Rd, Brighton East Victoria, Australia.

Now I have heard that America has the opportunity to try this sensational chai and you must try it; located 139 Emerson Place, Brooklyn, NY 11205 Zip : 11205.

You have to try this fresh chai, you will notice the difference between the powder chai and fresh chai.   Enjoy the experience and give me your verdict.


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