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Cantina Wine Kit Review

Updated on April 2, 2011

So it has come to this. The recession is still hitting us all hard and it's becoming ever more difficult to afford the little luxuries that life has to offer. Or is it? Perhaps if we work a little harder we can get some of those little luxuries for a fraction of the price. I'm talking about making your own wine here and it saves myself (and my wife) a small fortune. There are quite a few different wine kits on the market, but the only one I have tried is the Cantina range. Now this may sound like I have a limited range of options to compare different kits with, but I have successfully made the basic white and and basic red varieties on a few occasions with excellent results every time.

So why is the Cantina 5 day wine kit such a success? Well, if you can make a bacon sandwich then you have all the skills needed to use one of these kits. It's just so easy to make. All you need is tap water (comes standard in most modern homes) and a fermenter bucket. The Cantina wine kit provides the rest of the ingredients. You don't even need to add sugar as the grape juice concentrate provided has plenty of sugar already.

Oh, and did I mention it only takes 5 days to make?

Thanks to a pretty new concept, Super Yeast, your wine is fully alcoholic in just 5 days and then your ready to bottle it and drink at your leisure. The kit makes 21 litres of wine which equates to around 26 bottles of lovely wine, but you might loss a bottle or two during the racking process. But hey, it still costs a fraction of the price you would be shelling out at the local off licence.

So, as I say, I can't compare the Cantia 5 day wine kits to other similar products as I have never tried them, but I have certainly read that some of the cheaper makes don't use solely grape concentrate, but rather a blend of grape juice, apple etc to make up the wine ingredients. They also seem to be a little cheaper to buy, but in my opinion for the sake of a little extra you get the real deal – 100% grape juice! Which is what wine should be made from anyway.

Now let's talk about the taste. If this is your first time dabbling with home brewing you might be a little sceptical about home brewing results. I don't blame you. I have made beer in the past with varying results, but it has never come even close to the results I have had with the Cantina Wine Kits. Not anywhere near as close. I honest;y, hand on my heart, without a shadow of a doubt, cannot tell the difference between the wine I brew in my kitchen and the wine I buy off the supermarket shelf. This is why I'm writing this review as I am absolutely amazed at this little secret that not many people are taking full advantage of or even know about.

So if you want to save some money and have a little fun along the way then you could do a lot worse than the Cantina 5 day wine kit. Cheers!


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