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Captain's Turkey Dinner

Updated on January 4, 2020

Rrrr, your must season the turkey!

Season your turkey with the most delicious spices and herbs you can find. I for one have many seasoning secretes to a spectacular flavored turkey. My most favorite seasonings I'm about to share with you cooker rues, is how to get that turkey well prepared for baking time. I'm going to start with a 14 pound bird.


Buy your turkey three days in advance before preparing it for baking time.

Day 1

Make sure your turkey is thaw properly. Let it soak deep in water in a large pan for 12 hours.

Then clean your turkey by adding new water in pan and soaking with salt and vinegar about 1 hour.

Day 2

Get the turkey out of the water and place in it‘s baking pan. I like to season my turkey in the same baking pan so all the seasoning stays in with the bird. Flip over and over getting all the seasonings in and on all over the turkey.

Adobo made in Puerto Rico the Goya Company

Adobo is a all purpose seasoning of the Spanish culture, gives an incedible flavor to your cooking.

Add three shakes at a time getting every part of the turkey, rub and massage the bird, get a good shake on, don't over season, remember it have salt. So use it all over and balance amount of seasoning onto turkey. Dabbing your index finger is a good check point of how much seasoning your adding.

About quarter of a cup of adobo will do a 14 pound turkey, remember your adding more seasonings to the flavors, so your discretion is adviced.

Sazon made in Puerto Rico the Goya Company

Here‘s another spanish seasoning thats delicious when it's rub right in and onto the turkey. It gives a reddish orange color to your turkey, because of its unique seasoning it adds color, also to your hands. Easy to wash off hands with soap and water. Cooking gloves can be use if needed.

Use two small packs of sazon onto the14pound turkey, bigger birds 18pound three packs, over 20pounds four packs and smaller bird 10pound one pack.

Ingredients: monosodium glutamate, salt, dehydrated garlic, cumin, yellow 5, tricalcium phosphate (anti-caking agent), coriander, annatto (color), red 40.

Extra Black Pepper Made in Santiago, Dominican Republic the Baldom Company

Ground black pepper is very delicious. I use one shake at a time, don't add to much, turkey can get jerk in hot peppery flavors. Use your discretion of how hot you will like your bird. You can use hotter peppers such as paprika or cayenne peppers and even hotter of your own choice pepper hotness. Hot, hot, hot for those who like it hotter!

Natural facts: Black pepper have Potassium that helps hydrochloric acid that stimulates your stomach to digest proteins in the foods. It also Reduces high blood pressure.

Chicken flavory

The turkey is like a chicken, but not a chicken. Adding chicken flavor seasoning will balance the flavor of the turkey. I say a bird is a bird and chicken seasoning is good for any bird. However this chicken package seasoning was taken from the ramen dry soup package. It's chicken flavor seasoning have tasty goodness. I find it flavorable on my turkey.

This is one of my secret ingredients, use it wisely.

Use two small packs for your 14 pound turkey, bigger birds 18pound three packs, over 20pounds four packs and smaller bird 10pound one pack.

Instant Ginger tea made in Jamaica the Caribbean Dream Company

Ginger is a good balance flavor, but to much Ginger can give the turkey a ginger taste taking away from all the flavors added, but if you like ginger, the instant tea package is intantanly delicious. You can drink this hot or cold and for smart chefs, it's a good seasoning.

This is one of my secrete ingedients. Use it wisely.

Use two small package for your 14 pound turkey, bigger birds 18pound three packs, over 20pounds four packs and smaller bird 10pound one pack.

Natural facts:Ginger regulates blood sugar, good for your digestive system, has high levels of vitamin C, magnesium and other minerals that boost the immune system. It's also good for the hair and skin and it reduces fever.

Herbs Are good

I love slicing and dicing all the herb veggies for my turkey. It sure adds the flavors to your seasonings. It's a combination of excellent flavors. Its never to much, add enough in your turkey, sticking the herbs and veggies under the skin of the turkey, inside and around your turkey.


Add two large size white onions sliced in big chunks for your 14 pound turkey. Stuff inside and under the turkey skin. It will cook right into the turkey and give a bursting flavors of deliciousness.

The onions have a outer peel, take the peel off and use the inner layers of the onions. Onions can be sensitive to the skin and eyes, be sure that your not allergic before using in foods. Although, onions can make you cry. To avoid tears, wash onions or wear protected googles. Onions can still make you cry while cutting. Keep a fan close by blowing the onion smells away from your face or do like most people do, just cry, it's a good cry eye wash if you haven't tear in a while.

Natural facts: The phytochemicals in onions improve your immune system, it contain vitamin C and chromium that regulates your blood sugar. It also reduce inflammation and heals infections.

Bell Peppers

Green Bell peppers are good flavor herb veggies that is fantastic when cooked right in with the turkey. Slice 2 large size bell peppers and stuff inside and under the skin of the turkey. They are red, yellow, orange Bell peppers and they all give a sweeter different busting flavors, but I love green bell peppers of its protent flavor and healthy factors that shows it’s good for your heart. Adding the green bell pepper to your turkey will balance the seasonings and give a tasty flavor and it tenderizes your turkey.

Use the two large bell pepper with seeds, don't take the inside out of the bell pepper, amazingly it cooks right in and its flavorful.

Natural facts: Be sure to always wash your veggies and herbs before using, rinsing of your veggies are good, it avoid any market pesticide spray on the veggies. It can be harmful if it's not properly prepared. Bell peppers can be sensitive to the skin and eyes, be sure that your not allergic before using in foods.

Green peppers have vitamin A, C, B6, B2, E, folate, potassium, pantothenic acid, niacin, molybdenum and dietary fiber.


Don't forget to add some garlic. Garlic do add lots of flavor to your turkey.

Add two table spoon to your 14 pound turkey.

You can buy the garlic cloves, use one large garlic clove. I prefer the contain garlic, because I don't have to get my hands garlicy, although garlic is good for your nails, but the smell can stick on for several hours of sticky garlic smells on your hands, even after washing. But it's delicious in your turkey and the smell just fits right in with the onions and peppers, giving an aroma of good food flavorings.

Natural facts: Garlic are good for lowering cholesterol levels, regulates blood pressure and blood sugar levels, contain sulfur compound such as alliin and allicin.

Be mindful of allergic reactions, it can cause burning sensation in the mouth or stomach. Be sure you are immune to garlic side effects.

Cover your turkey

After all the seasonings and herb veggies. It is time to marinate your turkey over night in the refrigerator for next day cooking time and serving time.

Make sure your turkey wings are folded and all the seasonings and herbs are balance all over, rubbed in and stuffed. Take foil paper to cover turkey in pan, preferences you can use a turkey cover pan or a turkey zip bag to keep the flavors sealed and covered in refrigerator for the next day cooking.

Make room for your turkey

Make sure you got space for your turkey in the refrigerator. Be sure there are no other open items in the fridge, don't want to cause food contamination. Be sure all containers are close tight and every items are out of the way, give a good fit inside the fridge, so when you close the door it will not be jammed open causing the fridge to over work, causing the fridge motor to break. Must keep door close for proper cooling. Let the turkey sit over night 12 hours.

Bake the Turkey

Day 3

Get the turkey out of the refrigerator. Ready to rewrap foil over your turkey in pan. You must add two stake(s) upward staked on top center of the turkey, allowing the foil to wrap above the stakes and turkey without letting foil touch the turkey but only the stakes. The foil is then tucked around the pan, giving the turkey a good seal. Once you have your turkey rewrap properly with foil, it's ready to go in the oven.

Make sure your oven racks are prep to the lower bottom of the oven two slots away from the bottom oven rack. So you should be on the third rack from the bottom. That will give the turkey room and cook nicely.

Then you must pre-heat the oven for 5 minutes on very high. Place your turkey in oven close. Then lower the temperature to 300 degrees and bake for total of 2 hours.

Basing your turkey

Uncover turkey within two hours baking time, lower the temperature 275 degrees, add turkey basing juices of the turkey over the top of the turkey, let it bake for 1 hour, then add basing on turkey again and let it bake for 30 minutes and add more basing for another 30 minutes, so within the last two hours hours of baking and basing. You should base 3 times before turkey is finally done.

It takes about 4 hours for a 14 pound turkey to cook at a nice temperature@300 reduced 275*. The juiciest turkey must be base with turkey basing juices and you must know the temperature patterns, so your turkey will not dry, burn or under cook.

Served turkey dinner

Seasoned brown rice


bake macaroni

caribbean stuffing

pineapple turkey dressing with cherries on top

The Captain's Turkey Story

One day, the captain was asleep, till he heard a sound coming from his ship cabin. He thought it was one of his crew man on board messing around, sounds of giggles, stop laughing he yelled out, I'm trying to sleep here, but the giggles gotten louder and louder, with a angry frown on his face, he got up and start stomping towards the ship deck.

As he notice it was a 14 pound white turkey, giggling with two forks in it's wings and a plate. Giggle giggle giggle as the turkey spoke and said happy thanksgiving, it's time to have me for dinner! The captain starred at the turkey and then came closer with a curious frown on his face, he says to the turkey, look here turkey I was sleeping, why you want me to eat you? asked the captain.

The turkey said because its thanksgiving, it's time to celebrate thanks! So the captain pulls his sword out and chop chop turkey stew. No time to waste, I'm a hungry captain. He held the turkey ripping the feathers off and cleaning the inside of the turkey, leaving the gizzard, heart and liver to add to the stew. He then sliced off the turkey neck and add that to the stew, chopping all the sides and legs, thighs and wings, dipping it in a pot of water over a fire stone. Adding salt, pepper and his favorite seasoning, veggies and herbs. What a fantastic turkey, bubbling goodness, he says while he stirred the pot.

Then he sat at the table as he serve himself a bowl of turkey stew. Filling his mouth with turkey legs, how tender you are you sweet turkey, thanks for waking me up as he mumble with his mouth filled with turkey stew. Delightful he says to himself, licking his fingers and smacking his lips, as he ate the whole turkey stew all by himself. Back to bed he lay his head. “Ahh, what a fantastic turkey who came to me, so I ate it all”! The End.

Moral of the story: don’t forget to throw your bones for the dogs. Meaning, give thanks for the food that comes to you but don’t forget to share.


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