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Chaney Instruments 3168 Wireless Digital BBQ/Oven Thermometer

Updated on March 9, 2012
The Chaney Instruments 3168 Wireless Digital BBQ/Oven Thermometer
The Chaney Instruments 3168 Wireless Digital BBQ/Oven Thermometer

Picture Yourself Here

You've got shrimp on the barbie but you can't be bothered with watching it cook. Oprah's on. The cell phone's ringing. One cat is on the dining room table and the other's struck in the garbage disposal. There's a kid at the door selling cookies and another behind her waiting for a donation to Save the Ferrets.

Walk outside to check the grill? Pish Posh. Surely such a burden stretches the boundaries of modern living. Surely your Wolf and your Weber don't merit constant attention! Who among us has the time or inclination to stand next to dinner while it cooks? The entire process of opening the door, stepping through it, closing it again behind you, and trudging across the redwood deck to the grill seems daunting. Yet, you can't bear the thought of overcooked Angus.

What to do? What to do?

In a Perfect World

In a perfect world you wouldn't be tethered to the gas grill. It's like watching paint dry, except the paint is meat and it's cooking instead of drying. Well, it could be drying out if it's cheap meat.

Anyway, modern life is simply too stressful. What you need is a device that permits you to roam free while keeping digital tabs on the roasting animal flesh.

If only some uber-smart engineer would devise a wireless grillmaster watchdog.

Introducing the Chaney Instruments 3168 Wireless Digital BBQ/Oven Thermometer

Fret no longer over your propane pedestal. The Chaney Instruments 3168 Wireless Digital BBQ/Oven Thermometer seamlessly connects you to your much needed meat metrics. When your steak reaches optimum internal temperature, a gentle reminder is transmitted to your wireless receiver. The thing beeps, retrieving you from your workaday revelry before dinner becomes an inedible brick.

This marvelous modern marvel also works with deep fryers, smokers, and ovens. Don't try it in the microwave, please.

The Chaney Instruments 3168 Wireless Digital BBQ/Oven Thermometer, again.
The Chaney Instruments 3168 Wireless Digital BBQ/Oven Thermometer, again.

Other Devices to Make Life Easier

Should theChaney Instruments 3168 Wireless Digital BBQ/Oven Thermometer improve the quality of your harried life, please consider these miracles of modern technology:

  • The Musgrave Mayonnaise Manipulator: Are you too busy watching The View to spread your own mayo? Drop this handy device in the Miracle Whip Jar, place a slice of bread over the opening, and relax as FDA-grade pyrotechnics propel the perfect application of condiment.
  • The Beddy Mate: On those days when you're too busy trying to decipher Tivo to record The View, making the bed always proves to be too much of a burden. A Beddy Mate is an ingenuous one-piece mattress, pillow, sheet, blanket, and quilt. You'll never have to make the bed again because the bed can't get un-made.
  • Food on the Run: Too busy to chew? When you need every available erg and nanosecond to focus on the salient points and subtle nuances of Elisabeth Hasselbeck, bring home a resealable bag of Food on the Run. IV shunts come in 3 handy sizes.


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    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 8 years ago from Ohio, USA

      This hub is in the Google top 10 for TEN of eleven keywords, but it still only has 36 hits over it's measly life. There's a lesson in there somewhere. Perhaps grill aficionados don't have wireless internet access on the deck?

    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 8 years ago from Ohio, USA

      @JBrett: Me too.

    • JBrett profile image

      JBrett 8 years ago

      I want one of these.


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