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Cheap Breakfasts for Lazy People

Updated on September 2, 2017

Cheap & Lazy

In these times where everything is go-go-go, who really has the time in the morning to spend half an hour making a hearty breakfast? I know I sure don't. It's even harder to make something tasty, nutritious and relatively low cost. Well, keep reading this article for ideas to spruce up your breakfast with seasonal changes that can make any of the options easy, tasty, and done in under 10 minutes!


Breakfast Ideas

1. Savoury Oatmeal

Okay. This sounds kind of weird, right? Everyone's used to putting fruits and brown sugar in oatmeal, but the idea of salty oatmeal doesn't seem to sit right. Right? Well, don't knock it until you try it. All you need is some salt, oil, garlic and spices. Throw in your leftover veggies and top with an egg if you have that extra time!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

2. Open Faced Toast

Now, something I love to have for breakfast is toast spread with spoons of hummus. It's not something commonly done, but it's delicious! Depending on the season and what vegetables are in season, I like to add slices of tomatoes, cucumber or avocado and it's such a versatile recipe.


3. Banana Date Smoothies

A delicious combination that's not well known is bananas and dates. The combination can be so versatile as a spread, granola bar, bread or smoothie.I usually use a ratio of 7 dates per medium banana and add soy milk and blend. However, here's a more detailed recipe for those who like to start with some instruction. It's delicious, tastes like a milkshake but with none of the guilt.

If you love the combination, then it's worth it to take the extra time and make this date sweetened banana bread recipe. I've never been so in love with anything that wasn't pumpkin spice.


What's your go to breakfast?

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Best of luck with your breakfasts from today on!


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    • Julia Shen profile image

      Jasmine Star 8 months ago

      So true, Angel! I guess I haven't had cereal in such a long time that I've forgotten about it. But it sure is a quick and easy breakfast idea. Your ideal breakfast sounds amazing!! Though, I can imagine it may take some time to prepare?

    • Angel Guzman profile image

      Angel Guzman 8 months ago from Joliet, Illinois

      I'm surprised you didn't put cereal in survey, lol. I like to make special pancakes by putting different kinds of coffee into batter along with mashed sweet potato, strawberries, bananas, pecans, coconut, and apples into batter. Then a bacon of piggy, turkey, or chicken with scrambled eggs and hash brown with tortillas my ideal breakfast.