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Cheese Making Supplies

Updated on June 17, 2011

The Process of Cheese Making

Cheese making supplies are used in the process of removing water from dairy milk which is how cheese is made. The process of cheese making has been around over 4000 years. 

Cheese is a nutritious food mostly made from cow's milk but the milk of other mammals such as sheep,goats and even buffalo are also used. There are many different kinds of cheese depending on what type of milk is used.

If you want to make your own cheese. You can make all kinds of cheese at home. Its simply a matter of following directions. You will find that it is fun to make cheese at home and see what the process is like. If you make it with kids it is a fun and interesting project that they will learn a lot from doing.

Cheese Making Supplies
Cheese Making Supplies

Processing Cheese

Cheese is made from milk. Cheese making is a basic process involving several very specific steps.

  1. Curdling the milk. Making cheese starts with milk. Milk from different animals makes various types of cheese. The milk is soured until it turns into curds and whey. A starter culture is added until it form into one big curd ball.
  2. Separating the whey. The curd is warmed and pressed until as much of the whey as possible runs off of it and is removed.
  3. Shaping the curd. The warmed curd is made into a cheese shape by pouring it into a mold or cheese wheel.
  4. Salting the product. Salt is added to the molded cheese which is what forms the rind. The more salt that is added then the thicker the rind is.
  5. Ripening the cheese. The cheese is left to ripen at specific temperatures and for various lenths of time. The rind forms during this ripening step. The cheese is often treated or waxed to enhance the flavors of the cheese.

Sounds simple enough from beginning to end but you need specific cheese making supplies to duplicate the process from milk to cheese.

Cheese Making Supplies: Basic Hard Cheese Kit

This basic cheese making kit includes: A Recipe Booklet, Cheese Mold, Cheese Cloth, Calcium Chloride, 10 Starter Culture packages, Dairy Thermometer and Vegetable Rennet Tablets. You can make 8 cheeses at home.

Cheese Making Supplies: Complete Gourmet Kit

It contains a yogurtmaker, thermometer, recipe book and starting cultures to make your own cheese. This complete kit has enough ingredients for you to make 70 pounds of delicious gourmet cheeses!

Cheese Making Supplies: Recipe Book

Once you know the basic process its a good idea to get a book with recipes for different kinds of cheese. You can learn to make swiss, mozzarella, pepper cheese and just about any kind you can think of. This book offers 75 different cheese recipes that you can make at home.

Cheese Making Supplies: Red Cheese Wax

Red cheese wax will keep your hard cheeses moist during the reipening or aging process. One pound will cover approximately 20 small cheeses.

Cheese Making Supplies: Whey Strainer

Place the Alpha Health Cheese Strainer over a bowl and ladle the curds into the strainer. The strainer will catch the curds or "cheese" and the whey will go into the bowl.

Cheese Making Supplies: Thermometer

This thermometer instantly checks the temperature of foods, whether they're on the buffet line or being cooked. Its 1-inch dial, protected by a shatterproof plastic lens, displays temperatures from 0 to 220 degrees F,

Cheese Making Video

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    • Sandyspider profile image

      Sandy Mertens 7 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

      Interesting hub on cheese making supplies.