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Cheez-It Grooves Creative Brief

Updated on November 26, 2014

Cheez-It Grooves– Creative Brief

Why do we want new advertising? (Objective)

-People love Cheez-Its, the great baked cheese cracker that keeps you wanting more. We want to keep the love and excitement alive in Cheez-It lovers. The new Cheez-It Grooves bring Cheez-Its a whole new dynamic while keeping its delicious cheese flavor. These Grooves are lite like a chip with a cracker texture. We want to show off this whole new aspect of snacking.

Who are we talking to?

-The thrill seekers, love seekers, fun seekers, people that live for the good times and a good snack to go along with it.

What do they think in relation to the brand today?

-Cheez-Its is a snack that is simple and delicious. They are a staple in every kid’s lunchbox and as a tag along to the park. Cheez-Its are extremely popular and have been for years, they are a very much beloved American snack.

What do we want them to think?

-Cheez-It Grooves have the great cheese flavor of a Cheez-It yet they are thinner and crispier. They are a go-to snack for any situation: parties, football games, picnics, and anywhere. They are more versatile and efficient in taste, texture, and liter than a regular Cheez-It.

Strategic Direction in one simple sentence:

“Cracker chip moments”

-A cracker chip moment could be when something lucky happens to you and next thing you know another lucky thing happens to you right then, it’s like a double whammy of luckiness, just like a cracker chip is a double whammy in one.

Why should they believe it?

-Grooves are a chip and a cracker in one made by Cheez-Its therefore they can be trusted because Cheez-Its is a longstanding American staple. Grooves are perfect for any occasion because they are liter than a Cheez-It but still have the great flavor and people no longer have to choose between a chip and a cracker, they can have both in one.


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