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Chef Curtis Stone

Updated on January 11, 2012

A native Australian, Chef Curtis Stone trained in London, England. He has a cooking/lifestyle program called "Surfing the Menu" and stars on television as the "Take Home Chef" which is a popular American cooking show. He also joined the ranks of such celebrities as Sean Connery and Brad Pitt when deemed one of the "Sexiest Men Alive" by People magazine.

Why He Loves Cooking

From early childhood Chef Curtis Stone noticed that food brings people together. Some of his first cooking-related memories are from his grandparents' kitchens when he was just five years old. He finds pleasure not only in preparing food, but also sharing that food with his friends and family. Proving that he is more than just a money-grubbing celebrity, his goal is to share his passion with as many people as possible, teaching them the importance of adequate kitchen skills.

It Starts with the Ingredients

Chef Curtis Stone recommends using only the finest organic ingredients. His theory is that the more you know about the ingredients, the better the outcome of your recipe. Why use something hopped up with preservatives that alter the taste of your culinary delights? Stick with organic ingredients like fresh, seasonal produce whenever possible.

Blogging From the Road

Between his home in Australia and travelling for his work, Chef Curtis Stone stays grounded by blogging about different culinary-related topics. Mushrooms, winter squash, and stinky cheese are just a few of the recent posts. His amusing wit and natural charm shine through each blog entry, with simple instructions and mouthwatering recipe suggestions that entice readers to make a trip to their local market and try the food for themselves.

Curtis Stone Kitchen Solutions

Based on his philosophy that cooking should be fun, using products by Curtis Stone Kitchen Solutions ensure that you won't waste valuable time reserved for family suffering in the kitchen. Tools for prepping, baking, cooking, and serving make it easy to whip up recipes that will impress and astonish your guests. The site also sells Chef Curtis Stone recipe books and apparel.

If Chef Curtis Stone hadn't abandoned his plans for a business degree, there would be a major void in today's culinary world. Thankfully he isn't shy about sharing his recipes or other kitchen secrets with his fans. If you're looking for something new to go with dinner, why not try a recipe from Chef Curtis Stone? It's bound to be delicious!


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