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Chef Point Cafe

Updated on April 3, 2012
5901 Watauga Road Watauga, TX
5901 Watauga Road Watauga, TX

Take a good look at the picture. Doesn't look like a gourmet restaurant, right? Seriously, a restaurant? At a gas station? Yes. And it's some of the best food I've ever eaten.

I have dreams about it. As an appetizer, What Nots. These succulent mushroom caps that are stuffed with different cheeses and covered in a garlic butter sauce make my mouth water. Or the Lobster Bisque in a Breadbowl...creamy seafood goodness. For the main entree, my Chef Point fantasy takes me to the Blackened Salmon on Angel Hair Pasta with Asiago Cheese Sauce. Oh my. I didn't even know salmon grew big enough to make a filet that size. Dessert? Only the best Bread Pudding ever in the whole history of the world. I'm not a Bread Pudding fan, but I'll eat the heck out of it at Chef Point.

Blackened Salmon
Blackened Salmon

All of this gourmet food can be found at a Conoco Station in Watuaga, TX. This hole-in-the-wall has been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and can easily be missed while driving down Watauga Road. The atmosphere is atypical gourmet and typical Texas eating...nicely priced and down-home friendly. Never mind the fact that most Texas restaurants don't have Duck L'Orange, the fact that you can buy a pack of gum and fill up your gas tank after dinner can't be dismissed.

After being turned down for a loan to open a restaurant but approved for a loan to open a gas station, owners Franson and Paula Nwaeze have turned this DFW restaurant into a true dining experience. Since my first visit in the summer of 2009, they have expanded the seating area to accommodate more people (so that there aren't 100 people waiting in the aisles of the convenience store portion of the building), but you can still buy your regular unleaded and your bag of Skittles as you leave. The formica floors have been replaced and the gas station bathrooms remodeled, but you can still open the cooler for a six pack of something cold to drink as you wait for a table. Yes. A gourmet restaurant in a gas station. I think I'll eat there this weekend.


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