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Chicken chunks, deep fried version of chicken nuggets

Updated on February 18, 2014

Kids really go for these, we cook this for our teens.

We use chicken, with flour, easy salt, pepper, onion POWDER, garlic POWDER, and Italian seasoning.

Get your supplies.

1) 4 cups all purpose flour

2) 2 tblsp Italian Seasoning

3) 1 tsp salt, tastes great with no added salt

4) 3 tblsp onion powder

5) 3 tblsp garlic powder

6) 1 tblsp black pepper

7) 6 lbs of bone free chicken, white or dark meat , or combination. Cut into 1inch to 1 1/2 pieces.

8) Enough vegetable oil to fry in. Several cups.

Put in water to cover, in a bowel to saturate.

(Also used for breading the classic fried chicken. Just use a couple of cut up chickens, everything else the same)

Mix all the above dry ingredients with your dry hands in large bowel. (Do not add chicken yet.)

Place vegetable oil in heavy stainless pan, around 1 inch to 2 inches of oil, to barely cover pieces. Heat oil, to 185 degrees. Think about using a spoon or tongs to gently slide chicken into hot oil.


Roll wet chicken into flour mixture untli coated, flip off extra flour as you remove chicken to carefully place in the hot oil.

For those of us who love cast iron skillets, you will need to cook a little differently as chicken may cook faster with cast iron.

Place several chicken pieces in oil, cook until golden brown. turn when one side is cooked.

Drain in metal pasta strainer, after several minutes to drain, place on serving platter with cover to keep warm while the other pieces are cooked.

Not the chicken nuggets in fast food. Real solid chicken perfectly seasoned with a savory aroma and a mild crunch.

Try with sweet and sour sauce, try with your favorite tabasco type sauce for 'buffalo wing' style flavor. Split the pieces onto bread or a tortillia with a touch of salsa for a quick pick me up snack.

We love this 35 yr old recipe.

Cast your vote for Wonderful seasoned chicken chunks
Breading water soaked chicken pieces.
Breading water soaked chicken pieces.
Around 8 on my electirc stove setting.
Around 8 on my electirc stove setting.
Temp 185 to 190, cook to deep brown, turning as needed.
Temp 185 to 190, cook to deep brown, turning as needed.
Smell is amazing and taste is restraunt quality.
Smell is amazing and taste is restraunt quality.
I measure the temprature, to be sure,.
I measure the temprature, to be sure,.

Use basic ingrediants.

The flour is store brand, as is all the other supplies, including the vegetable oil.

We always cook extra to enjoy the next day.

These reheat and microwave really well. After school and after being out, a handful can be placed in the microwave for a quick, flavorful, snack.


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