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An Easy and Very Tasty Tom Kha Kai (Chicken galangal in coconut cream soup) Recipe

Updated on October 23, 2010

I used to work as a waitress in a Thai restaurant in Vancouver, Canada for almost 2 years. As you might know, Vancouver can be very chilly so people need something hot to keep their warm. Therefore, Tom Kha Kai is a very good choice, especially on the raining day. I still remember a gentleman who loved Tom Kha Kai. He always ordered this dish everytime he came to the restaurant. One day I just smiled at him and said " the usual"? He gave me a big smile.

There was also a chinese couple who were very kind and gentle. We became to be close friends after I gave them the wrong order. They wanted Tom Kha Kai but I served them with Tom Kha Kung (Prawns) and they changed to this dish since that day. So if you prefer prawns instead of chicken, that is ok.

This soup not only is tasty and can keep you warm. It also has plenty of nutrients.

Straw mushrooms


- Promotes the production of body fluid.
- Contain protein, various amino acids and large amount of vitamin C.
- Used as an auxiliary treatment for cancer and diabetes patients.
- Healing function for hypertension patients and those with high blood cholesterol level.



- Carminative

- Stops the growth of cancer

- Antifungal, bacterial and yeast



- Carminative

- Diuretic



- Digestive

- To protect cancer

- Carminative

- Expectorant

- Relief pain

- Relief sickness


2 servings

10 grams slice fresh young galangal

1 lemon grass, finely sliced

2 kaffir lime leaves, torn in half or quarter

2 coriander roots

3 coriander leaves for garnish

10 crushed hot chilies

80 grams straw mushroom or angel mushroom, torn into pieces


1 cup coconut milk (I use Aroi-D Brand because it smells good).

150 grams water or chicken bone stock

2-3 tbsp fish sauce

1-2 tbsp lime juice

200 grams chicken breast


  1. Wash the chicken, remove the skin and cut diagomally into bite-sized pieces, set aside.
  2. Put the coconut milk in a pot, add water or chicken bone stock and bring to the boil over medium heat. When it starts to boil, reduce the heat. Add galangal, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves and coriander roots, continue boiling for a few minutes until there is fragrant smell
  3. Add the chicken and all the seasonings(adjust your taste), simmer until chicken is done and tender. Add mushrooms, and cook until done. Follow with crushed chilies, then remove from the heat.
  4. Take coriander roots out of the pot.

To Serve : Spoon the soup into a serving bowl, stir lightly to combine and garnish with coriander leaves.



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