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Amy's Chinese Cuisine in Cedar Park

Updated on August 21, 2013

Fun Place To Eat

Right next to the movie theatre in 1890 Ranch in Cedar Park, Texas is a Chinese Restaurant worthy of your business.. Nestled close to the local theater and overlooking the shopping center fountain makes it a fun place to eat. We have visited several times and enjoyed each and every meal.

Located just Northwest of Austin, Cedar Park is a bustling bedroom community for the Capital City. The location off 183A, Northeast of the 1431 intersection, is nicely located for a movie before or after dinner. Parking can be found behind the building or down the sidewalk in front. Convenient shopping is in the vicinity, around the corner from the theater.

The Decor

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The Decor

The atmosphere in this restaurant is tastefully done, with a cheerful and bright presentation. The windows wrap around the main room, allowing lots of light to enter. It's fun to watch the crowd approach the movie theater. Bright umbrellas of various colors hang from the ceiling, creating a fun look to the decor. Brightly colored walls add an additional flair to the decor. In addition, the bar area is accented with large colorful flowers in a vase. This establishment is not large, but easily able to seat large groups as needed.

The Food

A generous Lunch Menu is provided seven days a week during the day. The list is extensive and the prices reasonable. Prices are in the seven dollar range. A choice of soup and an eggroll are provided with the lunch menu.

Dinner is ordered from a different menu. The soups and entrees are delicious. My husband and I have tried several dishes. Each time we ordered, the food has been well presented, heated well and served in a timely manner.

We will continue to revisit this Cafe in the future. The service is excellent and the food and atmosphere will call you back!

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