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Chocolate Covered Potato Chip Recipe - Easy Unique Snack

Updated on November 23, 2012

Chocolate covered potato chips, or chippers, are a distinctly American treat that takes two foods that favorites of many and brings them together to make a unique snack. The complete history of this treat is not fully understood but they have been popular in the Midwest for over a century. The product is known as the chipper by those in the know, and they have been prepared by commercial candy shops and in homes in the northern Midwest area of the United States. Widman’s Candy, has been creating this product for much of their history, they have been in operation since 1885. They became well known across the country after 1985 when a Chicago based company called Executive Sweets started producing this salty chocolate treat. Chocolate covered potato chips are normally made with salty, but unflavored potato chips. Ridged or ruffled chips are preferred by most chefs because they hold up to the warm chocolate, remaining crispy and the chocolate builds up between the chip ridges giving them a richer chocolate flavor. Milk chocolate is what is traditionally used; however many varieties have been created by using white chocolate, dark chocolate and different blends.

Enjoy this recipe for this delicious treat!


  • 1 pound milk chocolate chips or your favorite chocolate bar
  • 8 cups ridged potato chips


Slowly melt chocolate chips on low to medium heat, stirring constantly.  If you have a double boiler this is highly recommended, however you can do it in a regular saucepan; you will simply have to keep a very close eye on the chips.  Once the chips have all melted and the chocolate is at a stage that it appears pourable, remove it from heat and allow it to sit for about 2 minutes to gain a bit more body.  At this point you will start dipping the chips in the chocolate.  If you want to coat the entire chip you will want to use tongs, or you can cover them halfway and just hold with your fingertips.  Place chips in a single layer on waxed paper when they are covered.  You can drizzle them with white chocolate, or add sprinkles, nuts, or chocolate chips to give them a unique look.  Allow them to cool for at least an hour or refrigerate to speed the process along.  Enjoy!



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    • reindeerz profile image

      reindeerz 4 years ago from Georgia

      Good luck! Tell me how it goes. :)

    • profile image

      haley 4 years ago

      this is going to be good its for my class