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Choosing the Right Wine and Food Combinations

Updated on April 25, 2017
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Wine and Food

As Valentine’s Day approaches, many couples will celebrate the love day with a candlelight dinner, either in their homes or romantic restaurants. They will share an elegant, romantic dinner over a glass of wine. To make this dining experience more memorable, it would be substantial for us to understand the art of pairing wine with food.

Even though you are the first and main decider on which wine will you choose to be paired with specific kind of food, the art of pairing wine and food has few conventional rules. Examples are the rose, and sweet white wines must be paired with spicy food; red wines with meat or games; white wines with white poultry and fish and dessert wines should be paired with dessert wines.

These traditional rules, however, have some scientific basis. Gamy poultry such as partridge, goose, and duck usually have a bitter taste, and this makes them compatible with pinots. Fish and poultry usually have a light taste, and they must not be overpowered by red wines. Taste of spicy food can destroy the taste of wines. Therefore, they should be accompanied by sweet wines such as rose and sauvignon blanc. In contrast to popular belief, most cheeses complement with white wine instead of red wines.

Pinot noir, the silky and sensual red wine, should come with dishes with earthy flavors such as dishes with truffles and mushrooms. If you will serve fish with a rich sauce or fatty fish, then they could be paired with Chardonnay from California, Australia, and Chile. Chardonnay is a complex and rich white wine. Champagne, a sparkling wine, must be paired with salty food. Juicy red meat is best paired with Cabernet Sauvignon, the king of reds.

Sauvignon Blanc, a white wine that is refreshing with a crisp and clean taste, goes with tart sauces and dressings. It can also serve as the best alternative to Champagne if the latter is unavailable. The jammy and spicy Zinfandel best goes with barbecue, pizza, hamburgers, grilled food, Southwest dishes, Mexican food, mildly spicy foods and any food that was spiced with cardamon, cumin, and cinnamon.

These guidelines will help you decide which wine is best paired with specific food. Nevertheless, your personal taste buds still have the last say in choosing the best food and wine combinations.

Wine and Food



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