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First Class Cocktail Party

Updated on April 13, 2013

Classic Cocktails are back in style!

If you're thinking about throwing a casual cocktail party, it's not a bad idea to brush up on bartender skills. Having a get together at home is usually more fun. It's definitely less expensive, cozier and more intimate than having the party in a bar.

People have been having cocktail parties for the past 100 years. The first one ever was held in St. Louis, Missouri. The party lasted one hour, and was a big success. To this day, there is a plaque stating how it was a history making event.

Cocktails have actually been around for a long time, perhaps 200 years! But that is another story, and will probably be another Hub. Stay tuned for details.

presentation is important


Tools of the Trade

If you've never given a cocktail party before, best to practice when the guests are still at home. Be sure you have the tools of the trade, which are -

Boston Shaker (metal outside, glass on the inside)

Cocktail strainer

jigger (to measure your spirits)

and a heavy duty blender!

Remember - the blender does not have to be pretty but it does need to know how to crush ice, and for long periods of time. It should have sharp blades and a strong motor. This is your primary mission as a bartender! Good tools that you can count on will be your best friends at the party.

Types of Cocktails

Which are "the best"?

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Your Drink Menu for This Evening

Margarita - it has many variations
Margarita - it has many variations | Source
Mojito - the favorite drink of Ernest Hemingway
Mojito - the favorite drink of Ernest Hemingway | Source

Plan Ahead

You're going to need some medium priced alcoholic spirits. Why? Because the low cost ones may also be low in quality, and the high cost ones are usually due to advertising. So shoot for a good brand in the mid-cost range.

When it comes to making cocktails, each little cocktail is a recipe. For that reason, make it easier on yourself and just limit the cocktail menu to two or three drinks maximum. We're having Margaritas tonight, you can announce, or Mojitos if you like. This makes it easier for you at the grocery store too.

Shop the day before for spirits, juices and garnishes. Ice too should be bought no more than one day ahead. If it's been in the freezer for longer than 24 hours it can be hard to crush - you will think you returned to the ice age.

Practice til you get it Perfecto

So it's Margaritas and Mojitos, right? Kind of a south of the border theme?

Do you have the tools of the trade? Shaker, jigger and blender? If you do, practice at home til your drinks are the tops. Too sweet, sour or icy won't do. When you know how you like them, stick to the proven formula for consistent success and rave reviews.

Ice, Snacks and Water

There had better be munchies for a few reasons. Alcohol can exhaust a person and the calories gained by eating salty and meaty munchies can keep your guests from getting drunk and let them party longer. So make sure you have a platter or two in the refrigerator ready to bring out as a backup supply when the first batch has been eaten.

Bottled water is another necessity. Alcohol may be a social lubricant, but it is actually a depressant. It dehydrates the body, so keep the bottled water on hand so your guests can replenish themselves and feel fresh, not groggy.

Cocktails - How often?

How often do you enjoy a tasty happy hour or celebratory cocktail?

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Stirred not shaken


Impress them!

When you serve your cocktails, be sure to add a festive garnish.

Send out invitations - any way you like - but this is an extra touch that really tells them what they are in for - a first class cocktail party.


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    • EuroCafeAuLait profile image

      Anastasia Kingsley 5 years ago from Croatia, Europe

      @Lilleyth, guys and gals who like cocktails can enjoy with or without alcohol. So many new variations to try. It's for adults, so I hope your daughter is of legal age. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Bottoms up!

    • EuroCafeAuLait profile image

      Anastasia Kingsley 5 years ago from Croatia, Europe

      Hi Rob Allen - by all means, share and share alike.

    • Lilleyth profile image

      Suzanne Sheffield 5 years ago from Mid-Atlantic

      I'm a cocktail kinda gal. I shared the Hub with my daughter.

    • EuroCafeAuLait profile image

      Anastasia Kingsley 6 years ago from Croatia, Europe

      @Europewalker - glad you enjoyed! Thanks for commenting - I love that :)

      @zzron I know what you mean. I also mostly have the occasional beer or glass of wine. Some of the cocktail combinations are pretty exotic - nice to have them for a change of pace. I recently did an E-book on cocktails and had an A to Z list. There are sooo many to choose from, including edible cocktails.

      Appreciate you all stopping by and commenting. Cheers!

    • EuroCafeAuLait profile image

      Anastasia Kingsley 6 years ago from Croatia, Europe

      Hello rob_allen, of course, spread the wealth! The more visitors to my Hub, the better. I plan to write another Hub soon on the history of cocktails, it is quite interesting how they came to be. Regards and thanks for stoppin' by.

    • zzron profile image

      zzron 6 years ago from Houston, TX.

      I personally prefer beer. But I do like an occasional margarita or like to try a different kind of mixed drink.

    • europewalker profile image

      europewalker 6 years ago

      Enjoyable hub. I love cocktails!

    • rob_allen profile image

      rob_allen 6 years ago from MNL, PH

      I love cocktails. I even wrote hubs about cocktails to serve for certain occasions. Your is full-flavored and perfect for sharing! can I share it my followers? :))