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Coffee Drinking and Travel Around the World

Updated on January 1, 2017

Travel also pertains to drinking coffee sometime, because coffee is the most popular drink in the world. Traditionally tea-drinking Asian countries such China and even Great Britain have become coffee drinking as well. Countries such as Indonesia produce distinct rich Sumatran and Javan coffee flavors.

There are many misconceptions involving coffee drinking. Even though coffee shops such Starbucks are present almost all over the world, the US is not the largest producer of coffee, but instead, it is the largest consumer of coffee in the world.

Coffee experience that is so in demand in the US can be quite rewarding in South America. The creamy like texture and floral aroma of Colombian coffee is established around the world as well as in countries like Chile, being the most popular coffee blend around the world. In Chile you can also get coffee from Brazil that is the largest producer of coffee in the world and Peru that is the largest producer of organically grown coffee in the world.


How to find the Best Coffee in the World?

Cuban coffee has distinct flavor and is more frothy while being also stronger and sweeter. Cuban coffee sold outside Cuba can be even better than in Cuba.

Even though coffee may have many associations with South America, it originated in Ethiopia and Yemen. It then traveled to Europe through Arabic countries and Turkey.

Ethiopian coffee may be less known, recognized by its distinct, sweet, wine-like and spicy flavor. Yemeni homegrown coffee is Mocha, often blended with Javan blends from Indonesia.

The most expensive and considered by some the best coffee in the world is Kona or Hawaiian coffee that is grown on volcanic soil. Similarly, Guatemalan coffee incorporates its unique taste through being grown at high altitudes on volcanic soil.

Panaman and Costa Rican coffees enjoy a good reputation among coffee lovers as well. Other countries producing great coffee are Mexico and Jamaica. Hawaii is the only region in the US, where coffee is grown, as coffee needs to grow in tropical temperatures.

In Europe, traditionally one of the most recognized coffee drinking country is Italy with its unique coffee culture along with high-quality coffee blends with which it is difficult for anyone to compete. Drinking coffee there involves customs such as standing at the bar when drinking it in the morning or drinking it in china cups. Even though coffee is so popular in Italy the most coffee per capita is sold in Scandinavian countries.

Coffee taste depends on how it is ground. There are various methods of grinding coffee producing coarse or very fine powder or grinding coffee unevenly. The most finely ground coffee is Turkish coffee.


Coffee Tastes Around the World

Coffee tends to taste differently around the world. The same cappuccino in the US will be made differently in Australia or Italy. Italian cappuccino may have no chocolate on top that is also quite common in the US.

As coffee drinking is on the rise, also the way coffee is consumed proliferates. There are many flavors available that can be added to a coffee. Well known traditional flavors include honey or nut, while other flavors include turmeric or pumpkin.

The way coffee beans are ground influences its taste. Finely ground Turkish coffee has a different flavor than coffee that is more coarse that may release more flavor but will be inconsistent.

In Australia, there are Italian influences across brands such as Lavazza, Vittoria and Zegafredo Zanetti. The unique Australian coffee is flat white.

There are many good cafes in Sydney. One of the few cafes that offer Dandelion coffee in Sydney is Bad Mannors Cafe in Glebe.


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