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Coffee Drinking and Travel Around the World

Updated on November 15, 2018

Traveling unravels different coffee taste around the world because coffee is the most popular drink. Even traditionally tea-drinking Asian countries such China and even Great Britain have become dominated by coffee drinkers. Distinct coffee flavors persist in countries such as Indonesia with rich Sumatran and Javan flavors.

Coffee drinking itself is prone to misconceptions. The biggest countries in the world that may be associated with coffee drinking may not be involved in coffee production. Even though the US is the biggest consumer of coffee in the world, it is not the largest producer. The US coffee presence around the world is mostly due to Starbucks that appear almost all over the world.

Coffee experience in high demand in the US seems to be more rewarding in South America due to the higher variety of flavors. The creamy like texture and floral aroma of Colombian coffee is established around the world as well as in countries like Chile, being the most popular coffee blend around the world.

Brazilian coffee is available in Chile. Brazil produces the largest quantity of coffee in the world and Brazilian coffee is also in high demand in other South American countries such as Chile. Its strong competitor is Peru that produces the largest amount of organically grown coffee in the world.

How to find the Best Coffee in the World?

Apart from popular brands of coffee that is available in shops such as Starbucks, South American coffees are considered to have well rounded and distinct flavors. Especially Cuban coffee is well regarded with its frothy, sweat, and stronger taste. Cuban coffee also tends to be better outside Cuba.

Despite many associations with South America, coffee has the strongest connection with Ethiopia and Yemen, where it originated. It then traveled to Europe through Arabic countries and Turkey.

Ethiopian coffee may be less known. Its characteristic feature is its distinct, sweet, wine-like and spicy flavor. Yemeni homegrown coffee is Mocha, often blended with Javan blends from Indonesia.

The most expensive and considered by some the best coffee in the world is Kona or Hawaiian coffee that is grown on volcanic soil. Similarly, Guatemalan coffee incorporates a unique taste from the volcanic soil at high altitudes, where it is grown.

Panaman and Costa Rican coffees enjoy a good reputation among coffee lovers as well. Other countries producing great coffee are Mexico and Jamaica. Hawaii is the only US region, where coffee is grown due to its tropical temperatures that are needed.

In Europe, traditionally one of the most recognized coffee drinking country is Italy with its unique coffee culture. Its high-quality coffee blends make Italy the strongest competitor. Drinking coffee in Italy also involves customs and traditions. Italian coffee drinkers may stand at the bar or use china cups. Even though coffee is so popular in Italy, Scandinavians buy the largest amount of coffee per capita.

How Coffee Tastes are Created?

Coffee taste depends on how it is ground. Various methods of grinding coffee can produce coarse, very fine powder or uneven coffee. The most finely ground coffee is Turkish coffee.


Coffee Tastes Around the World

Coffee tends to taste differently around the world. The same cappuccino in the US will be made differently in Australia or Italy. Italian cappuccino may have no chocolate on top that is also quite common in the US.

As coffee drinking is on the rise, also the way coffee is consumed proliferates. There are many flavors available that can be added to a coffee. Well known traditional flavors include honey or nut, while other flavors include turmeric or pumpkin.

The way coffee beans are ground influences its taste. Finely ground Turkish coffee has a different flavor than coffee that is more coarse that may release more flavor but will be inconsistent.

In Australia, there are Italian influences across brands such as Lavazza, Vittoria and Zegafredo Zanetti. The unique Australian coffee is flat white.

History of Coffee in Europe

Coffee culture in Europe is part of its history.

The first person to describe coffee was Leonard Rauwolf, even though the first coffee house in Europe was opened in Venice. This introduction has led to the endless pursuit of the perfect coffee, where Italian coffee means also its quality.

It is Turkey that is responsible for the introduction of coffee in Europe. After its siege of Vienna in 1683, coffee became part of Viennese culture and ritual. Coffee is associated there with the art to the extent that Cafe Museum in Vienna still serves the same type of coffee that Mozart drank. It also delivers quite a unique experience of stylish design of 1930s furniture along with a uniquely smooth coffee that blends into a specific atmosphere of this place, where everything is done with elegance. Its coffee, as well as the place, are like no other in a true sense of the word, where various artists found its favorite meeting place.



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