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Coffee Plus Relaxing = a Tasty Good Time

Updated on November 8, 2019
kenneth avery profile image

Kenneth is a rural citizen of Hamilton, Ala., and has begun to observe life and certain things and people helping him to write about them.

Daytime, Anytime is Time For Coffee


People Do Have Daily Choices

ranging from what to wear when going to school or work to what to prepare for dinner that night. Choices, choices. And if we are not very careful, we become lax and sometimes let our goal to make great decisions become faded. This error can swiftly-lead to anger between friends and family and a loss of money if a so-called "good" deal in fact turned out to be bad.

We are all guilty of making bad decisions sometimes each day. This should be the number one goal for us to win as our workday or school day ends. Have you ever just screamed out and said, I do wish that there was some way for me to steer-clear away from those stupid decisions! There is. One way to combat bad decisions is doing some serious homework about a certain situation as in a job change or maybe someone we would love to date. These decisions can and should go well, if . .we can use the best weapon of all: common sense. No, sir. I am not about to start barking and condemning anyone for doing the same thing that do without thinking. Guilty as charged.

I Can Tell You First-Hand

that the "Day of The Percolator" is just about gone. Not that these instruments did please a lot of people over the years, it was the idea of the first coffeemaker to design the machine that was able to endure several pots of coffee or just a few. Plus be able to be durable enough to withstand the heat and steam that was made internally and if dropped before or after the coffee was brewed, the sharp inventors included a kick-off switch that was automatic and this help save the customer a coffeemaker and all without burning any of the internal wiring. The early coffeemaker inventors knew what a stroke of genius they had when they stood back and admired their first coffeemaker when it was invented.

And when you see the coffeemaker that I am talking about, you will jump with excitement when you see that the coffeemaker that I am referrng to has a reusable coffee basket that eliminates the paper filters which does away with the emptying of used coffee, washing the basket, and drying it all which took some time to get all of this done—when now all you have to do is empty the basket, rinse it, then fill it with coffee and you are on your way to another pot of fresh, delicious coffee.

The Mix Presso Has . . .

  • Illuminated One-touch button. With Glass Carafe. Including reusable filter and removable basket filter for rinsing the Coffee grounds and for easy cleaning.

  • Ideal Design, Small and fluid design to fit almost anywhere. Dimensions (LXWXH) : 9.00 x 7.00 x 12.00 inches 950w

  • he nonstick carafe plate keeps coffee warm after brewing is finished.

  • Water window gives visibility as you fill—no overflows. brews up to 12 cups at a time

  • We, At MIX PRESSO, Offer not only top grade coffee pots, with but good quality quality products that lso provide top of the line customer service plus our one Top Grade Coffee Pots, With Good Quality Products But Also Provide Top Of The Line Customer Service Along with our 1-year, no questions asked warranty policy which you will not get with other brands.With Our 1-Year No Questions Asked Warranty Policy Which You Won't Get With Other Brands.

  • And all of this information that backs up our products which you will not find with all coffeemakers, pots, and so forth. The reason we provide you a quality product is because we care. That is simple, but the way that we feel.

Experience is The Best Teacher

when most things in life are shown to be operated simply and efficiently, and that is why my wife and I purchased the Mix Presso Coffeemaker and Brewing System because other coffeemakers presented too many things to be done before we could enjoy our coffee. Things like emptying the coffee grounds, rinsing the filter basket, and in a few potful's of coffee, we had to break down the coffeemaker and rinse it with soapy water, then rinse it with cold water and let dry before we had coffee.

Seemed like a lot of unnecessary movements in order to make our coffee and drink it in a jif. I promise that if you like your regular coffeemaker, great. But if you are in the market to shop around for a more-efficient easy-to-use coffeemaker, I urge you to think about the Mix Expresso. I know. I use one and speaking for one coffee lover to another, I am in love with my Mix Presso.

November 8, 2019________________________________________________

Coffee is Good Any Time of Day


© 2019 Kenneth Avery


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