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Coffee Quiz | General Educational Material on Coffee Facts

Updated on September 14, 2014

The Learning Objectives of my Coffee Quiz

A built up knowledge for everyone who likes to participate

At last, a coffee quiz full of learning experience. This coffee quiz is indeed a little different than the usual brain teasers you are familiar with. Its difference is based upon the fact that it has a purpose of giving as many facts as possible about coffee; from its early appearance, to its expansion worldwide, and its contemporary social and economic effects.

Coffee is the second most consumed beverage after water. Its value as an internationally traded commodity is also considerable since it is second to petrol. A lot of people are addicted to its taste and there are many of them also who have a great knowledge about the subject.

Tests, quizzes and all the other brain games are very helpful in the learning process of humans. The purpose of this coffee quiz is to give this necessary educational touch to all those people who want to discover coffee through a fun self-testing procedure. Multiple choice questions are built in sections to help you view almost every aspect of the coffee era.

You don’t have to feel bad if you miss some of this coffee quiz questions since a few of them are very difficult for the non-coffee familiar participants. If you belong to the pro coffee category then it’s time to challenge yourself on details and who knows, maybe you will also gain some extra wisdom out of this coffee quiz.

The Early Steps Of Coffee

Basic knowledge of how coffee conquered the world

The coffee history has many aspects of investigation and learning. Some of the early stories are considered as myths or legends. They were created by people in order to explain in simple words the existence of this “magic” drink. There are though and many serious studies by historians and archaeologists who search for its real traces in the coffee history path.

Its charmed properties were the stimulants that we know today. Coffee history states that during those early times, coffee was mostly used from religious rituals to medical cures. Later on it was consumed as a beverage from regular people at home. Very soon became the main hot drink of the newly opened coffee houses.

In 1600 Turkish merchants started selling coffee beans. First they travel to Venice which was the major trading port of Europe. Later they introduce coffee to England and slowly to the other European countries. Turkish coffee was the first coffee that people used to drink those days

The profession of coffee maker became very important and could be compared to the contemporary barista of our times! Coffee makers were preparing coffee like a ceremonial event to guests in palaces and other respected high society houses.

Warm up questions. The beginning...

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Coffee Bean Cultivation

Important information on coffee production

Coffee production is divided into two phases. The first one has to do with the production of the actual raw material, the coffee beans. The second one is the manufacturing of the various types of ground coffee for the end users.

The cultivation of coffee plants is the first thing that takes place. This procedure though involves a lot of physical phenomena. Climate, weather conditions and soil are all very important in determining the right countries to grow coffee. Coffee plants need tropical environment. Around 70 countries are located in this zone in our planet.

Producing coffee beans also needs to learn some advance cultivating methods to improve quality. Coffee tree farmers continuously experiment on new coffee varieties anticipating in higher production and income.

Some varieties of coffee beans are ranked higher than others due to certain incidents (weather, soil, altitude etc.) by coffee experts. Some of these beans have very high market prices but they have clientele who respects their special attributes.

Part II - Beans & Countries

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Coffee Making Devices

Recognizing a few classic coffee equipment

Coffee making devices are equipment that are needed to brew coffee. They basically transform coffee grounds into drinkable liquid, by using hot water in order to extract the different flavors of the ground beans. Coffee devices can sometimes be the key source for premium tasting coffee.

Some classic devices were invented during the coffee expansion era. Most of them are already classics and have followers that they won’t change them for anything else. It’s also true though that occasionally new inventions appear in the scene and attract newcomers. In this coffee quiz the focus is on some appliances that already wrote history…


Coffee Types

Identifying some of the most common coffees

There are hundreds of different types of coffee drinks worldwide that are available to us in any café. This difference is firstly due to the types of coffee beans and blends that are used and secondly on the roasting process that is followed. The coffee type drinks though are one step further than that. They are creations of inspired people. Rich and creamy, a plain shot of espresso or venti latte dusted with chocolate? It’s the menu of the coffee shop counter, which surprisingly has a few pages just for that caffeine beverage!

Coffee making nowadays is considered a very demanding job and baristas all over the world are competing for a reputable name in the coffee business. Some coffee drink types were emerged through the tradition of certain countries and some others were the final result of many other unsuccessful attempts of coffee experts. The menus of the contemporary cafes are packed with fancy names and sometimes with unique coffees and owners’ secret recipes.

Check If you know what coffee you are ordering...

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THE END - Odd questions for coffee lovers

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  • EsJam profile image

    Essie 2 years ago from Southern California

    Thank you for sharing all this information. I like your passion and knowledge of coffee! Great article!

  • Antreask profile image

    Andy Kelly 3 years ago from Cyprus

    Enjoyable coffee quiz. I just thought that I knew more than what the quiz grade showed. For sure I learned a few facts about coffee. You are a coffee expert indeed:=)

  • othellos profile image

    Mario Psomas 3 years ago from Europe

    Thanks Dr. Bill for stopping by. This quiz covers a lot of unknown areas to most people. Appreciate your comments.

  • Dr Bill Tollefson profile image

    Bill Tollefson 3 years ago from Southwest Florida

    Really enjoyed this HUB on coffee. I thought I knew a lot but did not do well on the quiz. I love my coffee and enjoy reading HUBs on coffee.

    Keep up the good writing.