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Coleman Cooler Hinges: Yes - They Do Make Replacement Hinge Sets

Updated on June 4, 2016

Xtreme Coolers

We have been using our coolers, we have two, for over thirty years. The hinges have broken off on both of our coolers and we have continued to use them with the covers bungee strapped on at times.

It occurred to us today that, with the internet, that we have access to replace them, so I googled it to be sure.

Learned Something New Today

I discovered that these hinges are sold at Fleet Farm, and Walmart, so I may just have to stop at Walmart or Fleet Farm and see for myself. I have several coolers that need new hinges.


Yes. I am a die hard Coleman cooler fan. These coolers are tough. We used to have the regular Coleman coolers. One survived a bear attack in Canada while our uncle was camping. That bear was bound and determined to get into the cooler.

The cooler won. The bear was unable to get the cooler open, but there are four neat holes where those bear teeth punctured holes in the top and front of the cooler. Those holes have been there since then.

Four Dollars to Ten Dollars

I see that the price for a set of hinges is fairly reasonable. There are people selling hinges on many sites online also.

I also see that there is a picture of a set of paper clips that some enterprising soul screwed onto their cooler for a temporary fix. I used a lid from an ice cream pail one year. Cut it to size, drilled the holes and put them on. Ice cream pail plastic is not designed to bend very well and is a very temporary solution.


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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 23 months ago from Oklahoma

      I'll file this under "good to know." Always glad to see any company that does something that doesn't add to the throwaway culture.