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Confectionery Product Review: Cadbury's Crunchie, Traditional UK Sweet Stuff!

Updated on October 5, 2014

You know, you just can’t know too much about your favourite chocolate. (Well, can you? Obviously actually eating it is the very most important thing: but it can’t hurt to be fully informed on the subject too, right? Like calorie count, fat content, sugar content, nutritional values… all of that depressing stuff when it comes to candy bars!)

Are you sure that you need to know that, when it comes to Cadbury’s awesome, immortal and obviously superior to most other chocolate bars Crunchie? Wouldn’t you rather know that the ‘honeycomb’ contained in the bar (that golden-brown crunchy nectar) is actually known in the UK as bonfire toffee and is traditionally sold on Bonfire Night? (Oh, do I have to explain what Bonfire Night is? Uh, oppressive government, courageous freedom fighters, explosions and ignominious capture and death. Or alternatively, heroic government, terrorism and explosions. For some reason this is celebrated via bonfires and fireworks on a yearly basis. Don’t ask a Brit, they don’t really know why either.


Public domain image.
Public domain image. | Source

Are you really, really ready for the terrifying nutritional info regarding the Crunchie bar, though? Oh well, if you really do insist. Let me just take a look at the label of the one that I just scoffed.

Oh, my. Now let’s just take a look at this. One hundred and eighty five calories per bar (which is 9.3 per cent of the adult’s GDA (guideline daily amount), again according to the packaging of the bar.) 24.7 grams of sugar per bar. 7.6 grams of fat per bar.

Now, did you really want to know that? Let’s just erase that knowledge from our heads, and settle down to a nice bar of chocolate to soothe our jangled nerves. But what shall we have? I know, let’s have a Crunchie – that’s one thing that’s guaranteed to make me personally feel tons better!


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