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Is Chipotle as great as everyone says?

Updated on August 15, 2014
A chicken burrito to make you hungry!
A chicken burrito to make you hungry!


I only worked at Chipotle for about 3 months. My best friend at the time helped me get the job, and I had never worked in the food industry before. Therefore, I was not sure what to expect. I showed up for my first day of work nervous, but excited. Unlike Wendy's and McDonald's, I had never had Chipotle before (shocking, I know!). The memory that sticks out in my mind? How fast everyone worked. The first day I pretty much just watched. White rice or brown rice? Black or pinto beans? Chicken, steak, barbacoa, or carnitas? Now, it seems foolish to think that I was so nervous. I became quite fast myself in no time. I really loved working there, but I was going to college and could not continue working.

Now, on to the part you really care about...What do I know?!

I can tell you that Chipotle is the cleanest place you will ever eat.

Chipotle does not joke around when it comes to freshness and cleanliness. Everyone morning the salsas are freshly made, the Guac is freshly made, and the meats are marinated. Now, when I say that the salsas are freshly made, they had to cut everything and mix it to the proper quantities. Well, except the tomatoes for the mild salsa because let's be honest, that would take forever to cut up.The food is truly not cooked until right before opening. This includes the chips and hard taco shells! If the food is sitting out too long, it gets tossed. Not only that, but any extra rice at the end of the night, is donated ( I am not sure where to, but I am sure that it varies at every location). During the day, the floors are cleaned twice a day, once at lunch and once at close. If we had any down time while there was no one in line to order food, we were cleaning. No exceptions, we were to be doing something, anything, always. The floors was always being swept no matter how busy and the counter was always being wiped clean. At the end of the night, the place is cleaned spotless. Every shelf is wiped, the grill is scrubbed to perfection, and the floors are completely scrubbed (behind the grill and all).

I worked here and ate it every time I worked, and I STILL could eat it every single day.

I love pretty much everything at chipotle, but my favorite is a chicken burrito! A close second is a cheese quesadilla!

I am sure that I will be editing this a hundred times, but I just want to post it while I think of more things to add! Good things that is!

Another burrito!
Another burrito!

Do you like Chipotle?

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      That's the Pornery to you, buddy. A liltte bird told me he paid $14M, but you know how liltte birds are about porn so who knows. There were half-hearted protests at the time, as if a porn studio weren't a giant step up for that corner.It's the kink-dot-dom guy, by the way. His old place was called the Porn Palace and I'm not sure whether the new one is called that by insiders but I've just called it the Pornery since he took it over.The best feature is that a giant Rainbow Flag flies from this intimidating military structure repurposed as a temple of profitable fetish. Must confuse the hell out of the tourists.I never went to any of his parties but some of my friends did.

    • TJHousel profile image


      4 years ago from NE Ohio

      I drive 45 minutes on a regular basis to get to the nearest Chipotle. My favorite is a chicken burrito bowl. Thanks for sharing your insider feedback.

    • nancycarol profile image

      Nancy Carol Brown Hardin 

      4 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      Excellent review from an insider view of Chipotle. It's nice when a customer says good things about a place, but when an ex-employee does, you know it's true! Thanks for sharing.


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