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Consumer Beware of Shopping Scams

Updated on February 10, 2018

Everyday Shopping

We all find ourselves visiting stores on a regular basis. Whether it is to by groceries, clothes, medicine, a ladder, etc..... The point is, we all shop and spend money. Most of the time the public is generally happy with purchases made.

Question for Consumers

How Often Do You Watch The Cash Register When You Buy Things at the Store?

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Beware At The Checkout

Most people at the checkout have eyes like hawks and watch everything that is being charged making sure that everything is being charged correctly. In short we don't want to be ripped off. Do you know that there are thousands of people who don't pay attention at the check-out? They just pay the total(s) with no questions asked.

Here's the deal.

Items are sometimes (and I personally see it more and more everyday) listed on a shelf where the price tag is quite clear on how much the product costs. Sounds normal, but , let's say there is a sale on product that's listed as 2 for $4.00 when normally it's $3.25 each. OK, great deal, so I buy two. Automatically thinking these products' will cost $4.00, and paying no more attention to it, I finish shopping. Time passes and at the checkout because my cart's full of stuff, I have a headache, and I just want to get out of there, or whatever reason it is, either way I didn't pay enough attention, I get the total(s), pay, then go home unpack, take a break and then had a quick look at the receipt. The 2 for $4.00 actually ends up to be $3.89 X 2. Almost double. OK, what do I do? Do I worry about it? It's kinda far to drive back for 4 bucks. (rounded it up). "Ah... Forget it." Sound familiar? Well...this is what they count on "four bucks" times lets say... 500 customers a day or even a week, (passive customers is what's expected and dependant on)'s a couple thousand dollars. Also, if you confront them as to their "mistake" they will absolutely refund you the difference, give you a credit, apologize, and make sure everything is OK and everybody is happy. Then when you get the refund, every-one's happy, and never think about it again. It's forgotten, except, a high percentage of the customers let it go and that's extra profit.

The trick is to have the pricing listed clearly, however the product(s) that are under the sign are not the products you think you are buying. In fact, they are higher priced.

Fraudulent Random Invoicing

Beware of this one.

This is also called "Testing the Water Invoicing."

Please note that:

Most companies are reputable and are very proud of their high standards relying on customer satisfaction. They take pride in what their companies do and bend over backwards to remain honest and appreciated. These are Proud Owners who have earned the reputation that they've built for themselves.

But...there are some rogues out there that acquire names and addresses of individuals that haven't even bought a product, or purchased a service from the company. Basically, as long as a stamp can be put on an envelope and addressed, they can send you a bill. Thousands of these "past due" invoices are sent out to these addresses and then they wait. These bills could be for just about anything and usually range from a couple of dollars to about twenty five dollars. (give or take)

Most people question an odd unusual bill that comes in the mail which doesn't make sense. The thing is, some people don't. If you can't have tarnished credit and don't question things, the bill is only a couple dollars, "ah what the heck pay it, I don't have the time."

There is nothing wrong with questioning anything that looks suspicious.

If the company is charging you tax on the invoice but the tax number is not on the bill....Question it.


It's not hard to believe that scams like these ones happen everyday. All we can do is keep an eye on things and watch that they don't happen to us.


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