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Cookbook Review: Kissing in the Kitchen

Updated on October 20, 2007

Kissing in the Kitchen by Kevin T. Roberts is a must-have cookbook for those interested in cooking to impress their next date or their significant other. The focus of this unusual cookbook is how to tips for cooking with passion. Besides the incredible recipes, beautiful food photography, and practical tips on dating and love, the most impressive thing about this book is that it is in fact authored by a man.

While conventional wisdom has long told us that cooking is the way to a man's heart, Roberts comes right out and acknowledges that meal preparation and the enjoyment of great food can play a major role in any romantic relationship. Roberts admits a basic truth that women around the world have known for decades (maybe even centuries): there's nothing sexier than a man who cooks."

Great Recipes from Kissing in the Kitchen

Sleepover Spinach: This is an easy-to-prepare unique spinach and cheese dish that requires only fresh spinach, water, and brie cheese. I'm always looking for new ways to prepare spinach (my favorite vegetable), and this is one I would never have come up with on my own. I'm hooked, though. It's just delicious.

Mindless Meatloaf: There are a number of great main dish recipes in this book, but the mindless meatloaf is my favorite so far. The title caught my eye, because I'm always looking for easy recipes that aren't too mentally taxing to prepare. This is one of the easiest and most tasty meatloaf dishes I have ever prepared. Anyone could make it, and I can't think of anyone (other than vegetarians) who wouldn't enjoy this great "comfort food" meal.

Try for Yourself: A few of Kevin's recipes for hot dates are available free at

Fun Facts from Kissing in the Kitchen

  • Beta-carotene rich carrots are believed to be an aphrodisiac for males.
  • Arugula greens have been acknowledged as having aphrodisiac powers since the 1st century.
  • Everyone has heard about the aphrodisiac properties of oysters. Roberts reveals that the high zinc content in oysters aids in the production of testosterone and protein, thus explaining the aphrodisiac effect.
  • If you prepare fish for a date meal, your date will think that you are healthy and in good shape.

About the Author:

Kevin T. Roberts is a partner in and is the executive chef for the East Village Tavern & Bowl, a fashionable San Diego eatery. He also hosts The Food Dude, a Southern California radio show. He is also the author of Munchies, a cookbook targeted at helping college students and men of all ages learn that cooking is a feasible alternative to surviving of fast food.


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    7 years ago

    I would like the recipe for the apple cake with caramel frosting that you made on the Better TV show on thursday, February 24th.


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