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Cooking Food From Scratch

Updated on January 23, 2010

Cooking from scratch

Food From Scratch


Cooking Food From Scratch


     What does the term cooking from scratch mean, well it is a term that they used back in the south.  They used ingredients of things that they had in their cupboards, or their refrigerators, that didn’t consist of already processed foods, such as, can goods or frozen foods, instead cooking from scratch, use foods such as, flour, sugar, butter, oil etc.


     Many has not heard the term cooking from scratch, because, cooking from scratch has almost faded out in this day and age.  Everything has become so modern, and the world we live in has pushed the fast forward button.  Living in this day and age, everyone is in a hurry; no one has time for family dinners anymore, or good home cooking.  We now live in the fast food era, such as, McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s and so forth.  I believe this is why the population is  dealing with an alarming numbers of obesity, because people has to work more,  they only have time to cook quick meals such as, hotdogs and French fries, or luncheon meats.  We as a society, has substituted food made from scratch, or good old fashion home cooking, with foods that’s not really healthy for our body’s.


    Examples of cooking from scratch is this, If someone wanted mashed potatoes, you would actually have to purchase a bag of white potatoes, peel them, cut them up, cook them, and then add your own seasonings.  A person in this modern day would probably just buy a box of instant mashed potatoes, where everything is done for you.  What if someone wanted you to bake them a cake, if they wanted a cake baked from scratch, they would have to use flour, sugar, eggs, butter and so forth, in other words, they would have to add all of these ingredients themselves.  A person that’s in a hurry may just go to the store and buy a box of cake mix, where the only ingredient needed is water.


     Why is it that we have gotten away from cooking from scratch is it because we’re too busy, or is it that we are too lazy.  Cooking from scratch is still a tradition in my home. If we get back to cooking from scratch, I believe we all will be a little healthier.

Cook Your Food From Scratch

Cooking Food From Scratch

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