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Best,Easy Rice Recipes

Updated on August 31, 2016

Rice, always nutritious and delicious.

How to make Arroz Con Leche . Step By Step .

How to cook rice. Easier than you thought.Never overcooked.

  • As simple as it seems, many people don't know how to cook rice without it being overcooked and become a porridge-like mass. The answer is very simple and I learned this from friends who are of Dominican Republic origin, who by the way are of the people I know that eat the most amount of rice in the world. where in my household we consume a lot of rice, a twenty-pound bag of rice will last us about two months a typical oDminican family will consume about forty or fifty pounds of rice per month.How to cook white rice : in a four-quart aluminum pan put four tablespoons of oil, saute two cups of rice on medium/high in the oil for about four minutes.Add five cups of water,two teaspoons of salt stir well, lower the fire and leave untouched until ready.How will you know when it's ready?When all the water has completely evaporated and in the holes that formed that go from the surface almost to the bottom of the pan there are no bubbles forming it's ready, at this point you can leave it alone or fluff it up if you want,but the main thing is that if you follow this recipe your rice will not overcook, I don't leave it cooking so long, but Dominicans usually let it cook until a crust forms on the bottom and around the pan, and it still doesn't overcook. If you want to make yellow rice, just add about a quarter of a teaspoon of saffron which you break up in the palm of your hand with your thumb as soon as you add the water.I always try to get the saffron that comes more natural like in little strings as opposed to the powder one which seems fake.The saffron is the stigmas of a flower called the saffron crocus or Crocus sativus, and is the most expensive spice in the world, but luckily you only need about a dollar's worth for a meal.

Cook Time

Cook time: 25 min
Ready in: 25 min
Yields: 3 servings per cup of uncooked rice.

How to cook rice as a side dish.Creme rice

Arroz a la crema (Creme rice) delicious side dish.

For this recipe just follow directions of making plain white rice.In a medium size bowl put three egg whites and beat until when pick some up with a fork and put upside down it doesn't fall off,now add the three yolks and beat some more.Add a quarter pound stick of butter and a little finely chopped parsley and two leafs of fresh basil.dump the white rice that you just finished cooking and is just off the fire, mix everything and cover for a few minutes so the egg will cook with the hot rice and ...enjoy!

Guizo de arroz con pollo, Chicken and rice stew

Guizo de arroz con pollo.Chicken and rice stew.Uruguayan recipe.

This is my favorite rice dish , and it is the most popular uruguayan rice dish, as well as very inexpensive and nutritious. For this recipe in a large cooking pan of about at least two gallons in size in which you put one quarter of a cup of oil, sautee one large onion,four cloves of garlic,two slices of bacon chopped.Once the onion looks translucent add a tablespoon of sweet paprika, half tablespoon of italian spices, and a tablespoon of chopped parsley along with a small (8 oz)can of tomato sauce,stirr well and add the chicken you can use a whole cut up chicken, i usually use about three pounds of boneless breast because my wife just likes the breast of the chicken, sautee everything for about three minutes while stirring then add about ten cups of water,one and a half pound of cubed potatoes, and half pound of cubed carrots ,cover and cook for about fifteen minutes after it starts boiling in medium fire, then add two cups of rice lower the fire and cook for about 8 minutes, turn the fire of and let sit for about ten minutes, check to see if the rice is tender and serve.This rice can overcook because it has plenty of liquid so it's important that you serve as soon as the rice is tender so it won't be overcooked.this will feed about six to eight people.

How to cook rice for dessert.

Easy delicious dessert, Arroz con leche (Rice pudding)

To make arroz con leche or rice pudding you need a two gallon cooking pan where you put one gallon of milk and two cups of rice, cook for about half hour after it starts to boil in low heat check for the rice to start getting cooked, when the rice is al dente add one cup of sugar and two teaspoons of vanilla extract and continue to cook until the rice is fully cooked ,you may have to add milk at some point if you see it's starting to dry up before it's fully cooked. Once its cooked turn off the fire, beat two egg yolk and mix with the rice well, cover and let sit for a few minutes , put in a bowl, top with cinnamon and refigerate.

Rice recipes

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    • mio cid profile imageAUTHOR

      mio cid 

      8 years ago from Uruguay

      Hi L ,it doesn't surprise me that you make stew that is probably almost identical, because I have found out there's a very similar stew from all over the world,but you can consider yours your own invention because no two meals using the same recipe taste the same when cooked by different persons.The reason why I use a little piece of bacon is because my wife forces me to use only chicken breast instead of the whole chicken so there is no fat whatsoever and that's unacceptable.

    • izettl profile image

      Laura Izett-Irwin 

      8 years ago from The Great Northwest

      Yum. saving this hub cause I've got to try some. The Chicken and rice stew is very similar to one I make- I thought my dad and I invented it (smile). We call it "Hallau" after my daughter's (Haley) and my name (Laura) combined. I don't use the bacon though. And spices- Italian, tumeric, and cumin.

    • mio cid profile imageAUTHOR

      mio cid 

      8 years ago from Uruguay

      I was looking at pictures of the vietnamese recipes and they do look very similar.,thanks for your comment.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      8 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Amazing I will study this but the dishes are almost exactly the same as Vietnamese.

      Let me think we do a twenty pound sack of rice every two weeks.

    • mio cid profile imageAUTHOR

      mio cid 

      8 years ago from Uruguay

      thank you, the fact that such a great hubber as yourself would comment on my hub is really encouraging for me to share some more easy and simple yrt delicious recipes, thank you again and i hope you enjoy the rice pudding.

    • Lady_E profile image


      8 years ago from London, UK

      Wow.... very creative. I like the look of the dishes. Thanks for sharing the Recipes. I'll start with the Rice pudding.

    • wetbaknproud profile image


      8 years ago from new jersey

      When i make the rice stew i also like to mix about one pound of lean beaf meat cut in cubes along with the chicken as well as a little piece of smoked bacon.

    • mio cid profile imageAUTHOR

      mio cid 

      8 years ago from Uruguay

      no it shouldn't completely fall apart you should still see the grains of rice.become like

    • Ron Hawkster profile image

      Ron Hawkster 

      8 years ago from United States of America

      They look yummy. Saffron is the caviar of spices. Actually better than caviar. Caviar is only expensive but its novelty exceeds its flavor. Not saffron. That thing elevates food to a heavenly level. That aroma is just magical.

      About rice pudding... Is the rice supposed to completely fall apart at the end, like store-bought pudding? Or can you still see the grains of rice?

      Enjoyed reading this humb.

    • mio cid profile imageAUTHOR

      mio cid 

      8 years ago from Uruguay

      I hope you like it, its very savory yet common nothing really not to like about it. no sophisticated taste that someone may not like, a real favorite of mine.

    • dinkan53 profile image


      8 years ago from India

      Sounds great, never made this before. Would love to try. Thanks for sharing.

    • mio cid profile imageAUTHOR

      mio cid 

      8 years ago from Uruguay

      It will become one of your favorite meals i'm sure it's easy inexpensive and good for children too.

    • Cherry Red profile image

      Cherry Red 

      8 years ago from London, England

      Some great tips here! I will definitely be making the chicken and rice stew. Thanks


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