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Cooking: It's All in The Attitude

Updated on June 8, 2011

You Can Cook!

Cooking may not be the oldest profession, personally I think that gardening is, but cooking will come a close second.

Once we had fire we began to cook. Early cuisine left a lot to be desired by today’s standards but it got the job done.

Of all the things that go into making a good meal, the cook is the most important. Like gardening, cooking enables you to set a goal and to achieve. This helps you improve your self-confidence. And like gardening do not try to prepare an haute cuisine meal before you can boil water.

If you are setting up a home for the first time, the following information will help.

Not to overlook the obvious; how do you know when your water is boiling? Well assuming that you have put the water into a pot and then put the pot on the stove and turned the burner on high, you will first see small bubbles appear along the bottom and sides of your pot.

The water is not boiling, at this pint. These are air bubbles. Gradually, small streams of bubbles will start to rise. When these streams and bubbles enlarge and are churning the water, it's at a boil.

Now that you can boil water, you can make hard and soft boiled eggs, but to get them right get a timer.

In cooking timing is everything.

This brings us to items you must have on hand. The list is not that long, but can grow and grow and grow, as any cook will tell you.

You must have:

A measuring cup

A set of measuring spoons

A frying pan (eggs, stir fries, etc.)

A sauce pan

An egg timer

A cutting knife

A colander, handy for pastas and salads

At least one of each of the following plate, knife. fork, cereal/ soup bowl and spoon

Glass and tea cup or coffee mug.

I buy some of my kitchen items at the local dollar store which carries items of amazingly good quality.

A blender is a great tool. A blender allows you to prepare great food without cooking. You can make smoothies and enjoy all the healthy and delicious benefits of eating at home with very little muss and fuss.

This all assumes that there is a refrigerator and a stove where you live. A hot plate can do the cooking for one or even two people and a mini-fridge is better than none.

Recipes are vital. Hubpages is a great source for recipes and a simple search for recipes will turn up more recipes that you can ever make. So before you set out, think, what do you want to eat. Also know what you have on hand. Try and plan ahead and decide what you want to buy before you go to the grocery store and never, never shop when hungry.

Follow the recipe. Let me repeat that follow the recipe. You can make changes once you know what you are doing but until then follow the recipe. Once again plan your meals, make a list have something to eat and then go shopping. Stick to the list.

You will spend a fortune and get home to find there is no food in the bags but lots of goodies which may be fun but will not sustain you.

Do not forget breakfast. Smoothies are great for breakfast but even easier than a smoothie is cereal, buy something with oats and fiber, get some skim milk and fresh fruit, bananas and berries work well.

You can make food or in other words cook. It does not need to be fancy to taste good and be good for you. Like most things in Life cooking is all in the attitude. An attitude that is well seasoned with a dash of creativity and a pinch of determination.

a good knife makes a difference
a good knife makes a difference


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