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Cooking with Children - Fun and Educative Activity

Updated on April 27, 2009
cooking children from
cooking children from

This is just an idea for your holiday activity or have fun with your kids. Let's cook together. Cooking with children can be fun and entertaining. You may have a wonderful time and teach them about healthy food. Ok, then what to do in the kitchen ?

Children Cooking

In The Kitchen

First, you have to realize that children love to be involved, they love to work together. So, the more they get involved the more they accustomed with the kitchen and they start to appreciate food. You won't get a difficulty ask them to eat a healthy food, because children tend to eat what they cook.

Second, Choose a simple food and adjust with their capability.
For children age 5 or under, you may ask them to help prepare the juice inggredients and help them put all inggredients in the juicer. After that they won't hesitate enjoy that healthy juice.

For children age 6, you may ask them to rinse the veggie, make the burger meat, sprinkle sugar for garnish or flatten a cookie on cookie sheets.

For children age 7, you may ask them prepare burger by spread butter on burger bread, place cookies on the pan.

For children age 8, you may train them to make a dough. They will love it, they love playing with dough.

For children age 9, you may ask them to fry chicken or burger and make a baked potato.

For children age 10 - 11, you may train them to make a simple meal like sandwiches, their own juice or smoothies, and scrambled eggs.

For children age 12 and up, they're grown enough to make pasta, and their own lunch.

Third, You have to prepare the inggredients in plastic bags. Wrap each inggredient as the recipe in one bag for their convinience. Let the children mix the inggredients as your insrtuctions. You may choose the colorful  inggredient like colorful cookie. Let them put the color themself, they may learn about color as well.
Prepare the funny stuff to cut the cookie dough, like number, animals, and letters to explore their creativity. Children will enjoy this.

This activity can be fun and you will be able to teach them about the healthy, delicious, and easy to make food. You may teach them to measure the inggredients and teach them to calculate in a fun way. Let them finish their job one by one and give them a praise for a good job. So the children will learn about responsibility.        


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    • febriedethan profile image

      febriedethan 8 years ago from Indonesia


      Thank's for stopping by and reading this hub. Children are absolutely coloring the world. You're teaching small children right ? Have you try this activity with your students ?

    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 8 years ago from malang-indonesia

      I agree with you. This activity make warm relationship with our children. We can share to make delicious food. nice article. I enjoy to read your HUB.

    • febriedethan profile image

      febriedethan 8 years ago from Indonesia

      Thank's lovezan