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Corn Chowder with Bacon- Easy and Delicious!

Updated on August 4, 2012
5 stars from 3 ratings of Corn Chowder

You won't find better...

There is nothing that epitomizes summer better than fresh corn on the cob. Creating a corn stock from the cobs is the secret to this flavorful corn chowder recipe. This dish is simple to prepare- using only a few ingredients and two pots (an important consideration for those with small kitchens or no dishwasher). For the freshest taste, find a local farmer's market or roadside stand to buy your corn. It begins to lose it's sweet flavor as soon as it's picked, so try to find local and fresh. Even in the dead of winter when I bought pre-packaged corn on the cob, the soup still got a five star review.

The base recipe is easily altered with extra veggies, a cheese, some seafood, or other additions. The options are only limited by your imagination! If you have picky kids, I encourage you to try this recipe.

Cook Time

Prep time: 30 min
Ready in: 30 min
Yields: 6 servings


  • 6 ears of fresh corn
  • 5 slices of bacon, chopped into small pieces
  • 1/2 onion, chopped
  • 3 cups milk
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 1 TBS cornstarch
  • 1/4 cup scallions, diced

Photo directions

1. With a sharp knife, shave the kernels off of the ears into a bowl.

2. Stick all the ears in a pot and add one cup of water. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, bring to a boil. Once it boils, turn the heat down to medium-low, with the top covered. Let it simmer for 20 minutes. This makes the corn stock base for the soup.

3. While the stock it simmering, throw the bacon pieces in a hot skillet and brown for 4-6 minutes. Add the chopped onion and continue to cook another five minutes.

4. When the stock is finished, discard the ears. Add the milk, cream, bacon and onions, and corn into the pot and bring to a boil. Lower the heat and let it bubble gently about 10 minutes.

5. Right before serving, sprinkle with the diced scallions.

Serving suggestions

The soup is filling enough by itself to have with bread and salad. If you have guests, you can serve the chowder up in mugs with a couple of croutons on top as an appetizer. Otherwise, consider serving the chowder with grilled cheese or some other sandwich. You can always add fish, shellfish, or cheese to the chowder to beef it up!

-Julie DeNeen


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    • Julie DeNeen profile image

      Blurter of Indiscretions 5 years ago from Clinton CT

      @Jamie- it's so easy and good!

    • Jamie Brock profile image

      Jamie Brock 5 years ago from Texas

      Oh my gosh, my mouth is watering! What a great recipe hub with excellent photos. This sounds very easy to do. Thank you for sharing :)

    • Julie DeNeen profile image

      Blurter of Indiscretions 5 years ago from Clinton CT

      @randomcreative- LOL!

    • randomcreative profile image

      Rose Clearfield 5 years ago from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

      This looks delicious! Thanks for the great recipes and photos. I have to agree with WhydThatHappen that you can't go wrong with bacon.

    • mypassion profile image

      mypassion 5 years ago

      ha such an appetizing soup. I'm hungry :) Looks like it is a simple recipe and doesn't take much time to prepare it. Loved it Julie :) I'll try this for my dinner.

    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 5 years ago from San Francisco

      You get ah "awesome" for using corn and a thank you for the recipe.

    • Koshaugh profile image

      Kara Monterey 5 years ago from Indianapolis

      Love corn chowder, love bacon, and this recipe sounds absolutely delicious. Thanks for sharing!

    • Jlava73 profile image

      Jennifer Vasconcelos 5 years ago from Cyberspace and My Own World

      This sounds and looks amazing. I love homemade chowder.

    • vespawoolf profile image

      vespawoolf 5 years ago from Peru, South America

      This chowder sounds delish and easy to make, too. We have lots of corn in Peru...I may have to go cook up a pot right now! Thanks!

    • Julie DeNeen profile image

      Blurter of Indiscretions 5 years ago from Clinton CT

      Yeah- Bacon is its own food group you know!

    • profile image

      WhydThatHappen 5 years ago

      That sounds awesome, though you had me at "with Bacon"