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Corn Tortilla Quesadilla Recipe: A Quick Meal

Updated on February 1, 2008
corn tortilla quesadilla with pepper jack cheese, zucchini, onion, mushrooms, and red bell pepper
corn tortilla quesadilla with pepper jack cheese, zucchini, onion, mushrooms, and red bell pepper

Sometimes the best recipes come from those nights when I realize that something is about to go bad if I don't use it. This forces me to get creative with what I can find on hand. A while ago, I realized that the mushrooms, baby zucchinis, and corn tortillas that I'd used for various other meals were going to have to be thrown away if they didn't get used. I dug around and found some pepper jack cheese, onion, and red pepper and realized that I had the makings for a great meal.

Quesadillas are traditionally made with flour tortillas, but when I found the corn tortillas in my fridge I figured it was worth experimenting. I'm glad I did! These corn tortilla quesadillas were delicious, warm and spicy with that distinctive crunch of a fried corn tortilla. Perfect! It turns out people do use corn tortillas for quesadillas sometimes, I'd just never had the pleasure of trying one.

Corn Tortilla Quesadilla Recipe

serves as many as you want to make


  • corn tortillas
  • cheese *
  • baby zucchini
  • baby bella mushrooms (or white mushrooms)
  • onion
  • red bell pepper
  • jalapeno (optional)

* I used pepper jack cheese, but if you want something milder, use Monterey Jack or Mozerella.

Feel free to substitute your favorite vegetables for any of those above!

Toppings (all optional):

Preparation Instructions:

1). Prepare your vegetables, using as much as you want to make for the amount of people you will be feeding. Wash the zucchini, mushrooms, red bell pepper, and jalapeno if you are using it. Slice the zucchini and jalapeno into rounds, the mushroom into bite-sized slices, and the red pepper into thin strips. Peel the onion and cut it into thin strips.

2). Grate your cheese, enough to cover as many quesadillas as you plan to make.

3). Add some butter or margarine to a cast iron skillet or non-stick pan and heat over medium (medium-low on a gas range) until the butter has melted.

4). Take one corn tortilla and cover it lightly in grated cheese. Place various vegetables across it, and then sprinkle a little more cheese over those. Cover in another corn tortilla, then carefully transfer it to the skillet.

5). Once the cheese has started to melt and the bottom has turned golden brown, flip the quesadilla to the other side until it too is golden brown. Remove from the skillet.

6). Cut into quarters and serve! These taste excellent with a little salsa dribbled over them. You can also add sour cream and guacamole if you want to (Great guacamole recipe here).


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    • profile image

      Aunt B 5 years ago

      Jaime, Thank you for that information! It gives me ammonition when people tease me for using Corn Tortillas. I cannot eat Wheat Flour and Corn Tortillas are a staple for me!

      Thanks again!

    • Melissa Ray Davis profile image

      Melissa Ray Davis 6 years ago from Swannanoa, NC

      Thanks Jaime, that makes sense. Perhaps what I should have said is "flour tortillas are traditionally used in American Mexican restaurants." ;-)

    • profile image

      Jaime Sanchez 6 years ago

      quesadillas began with corn tortillas. soft corn torillas were folded in half around a piece of cheese, epazote herb, peppers, potatpes and chorizo then place on a griddle to melt the cheese or fried until golden. You are just used to going to resturants and being served gringo quesadillas, especially those chicken quesadillas. Flour tortillas are a "Tex-Mex" creation due to the introduction of trigo 'wheat' for flour. Just to set the record straight.