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Corralling Fruit Flies

Updated on August 10, 2012

Can You Blame Them? Bananas Are YUMMY!


When you have healthy fruits and vegetables in the kitchen as a part of your fit family lifestyle, you are necessarily going to have an occasional invasion of fruit flies.

Fruit flies are the tiny flying pests that come home with a bunch of bananas or other produce. They rapidly multiply until together they form a little annoying fog in your kitchen.

My Fruit Fly Trap

Can you see them in there?
Can you see them in there?

Trap Them Flies

Corral the tiny pests with the following fruit fly trap. You will need:

· A clear glass or bowl

· Funnel

· Masking tape

· Extra fruit

Put the extra fruit in the bottom of the glass or bowl. Place the funnel on top and secure it with tape.

Voila! The fruit flies will go down the funnel to get the fruit, but when they fly upward they can’t find the funnel spout so they’re trapped. It’s a perfect little fruit fly trap. Once you’ve caught a bunch of fruit flies, take the trap outside to empty the flies and rotting fruit a good distance from your home. Repeat the trap as necessary until your fruit fly problem is resolved.


Don’t have a funnel? Simply take a piece of paper and roll it into a funnel so it’s narrow at one end and wide at the other. Secure it on a glass with tape the same as you would the store-bought kitchen funnel.

Find more information on fruit flies and their eradication at:


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