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Veggie Beef Bone Soup in a Crockpot

Updated on February 28, 2018

The Soup Making

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Beef soup bones
Beef soup bones
Beef soup bones

Recipe For Veggie Beef Soup

Anticipating a chilly cold front, I used my crock pot to enjoy some homemade Veggie Beef Soup, a decorative dish with its taste, color and appeal. To complement my soup recipe, I served cheese toast on the side. Dinner was a hit!

To make this soup, you will need some beef soup bones. These are sold very inexpensively in your local grocery store. The soup bones will need to be precooked before you use the crock pot. Gently boil the meaty bones, covered with water, for about an hour, on a medium temperature. Add a tablespoon of worchestershire sauce for a little flavoring in the water if you like. While the soup bones simmer, you can cut up the vegetables for the soup. I chopped up one medium onion, several stalks of celery, and several carrots into small pieces. Once these items were cut, I diced three medium sized potatoes to add to the mixture.

After letting the meat cool, I poured the meat broth into the crock pot, over the vegetables. I then removed the meat from the bone, cutting it into small pieces. This meat is tough at first, but after several hours in the crock pot, it will melt in your mouth. To complete my vegetables, I added a cup and a half of frozen peas. You can add green beans, corn or any other vegetable that you enjoy. Add one small can of tomato soup and one package of dried brown gravy mix. You will need to add enough water to cover all of the ingredients. Add salt and pepper as you like. Mix it all and you are ready to cook!

I always start the crock pot at a high temperature. An hour later, I reduce the temperature to low to simmer until dinner time. Add cheese toast, crackers, or a salad to compliment your soup and enjoy!

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For The Pepper Belly In The Family

It is very easy to add spice to your chicken soup recipe. Add some fresh pico de gallo to your mixture. Add some jalapenos if you are brave. They can be purchased in the grocery store with a mild heat. Pace picante sauce will add a bit of spice to your sauce also. Pace is also available with various degrees of heat packed into its jar. I use a medium chunky sauce for my recipe.

If your family does not like the hotter version of soup, hot sauce and jalapenos can be added to an individual bowl as it is served. Sprinkle cheese on top for a Mexican twist.


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  • PaulaK profile image

    Paula Kirchner 8 years ago from Austin. Texas

    It's a great dish! Enjoy this recipe Daddy Paul!

  • Daddy Paul profile image

    Daddy Paul 8 years ago from Michigan

    I'm getting hungry!